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Re: Re: Re: Re: tranquillitas non libertas  (21/09/14 21:25:27)
    all those abbreviations/acronyms... arent they refugees themselves now? ;)

    12:12 here. almost ready to call it a day.
    but i just need to point out something that you perhaps didnt notice.
    the original point was rushdie, monty python and religious loonies.
    as such my comments did not address foreign policy but interior...
    more precisely, if one read between the lines, it would be obvious that the question is, what is a free country for its own citizens?
    to this, and to my understanding, e plainly decided that a peaceful country is preferable e basta.
    id like to believe that since, oh i donno, etienne marcel for example, europe fought for freedom and not for peace. it echoes the tacitus quote.
    we could have discussed about the nature of freedom and how it can be poorly understood.
    more interestingly, we could have discussed about how this "anything for peace" type of attitude is what is making some parts of the world rot. imo, including yours. again, thats not new. the romans learned their lesson i believe ;)
    ill stop by on saturday to check out the flames and such ;)

    it would seem that in the case of etienne marcel,and since then, both france and the english didnt manage for themselves. they didnt have any acronyms back then either... no usa either i think... ;)

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