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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: tranquillitas non libertas  (30/09/14 19:54:17)
    I see that I have failed yet another history and politics exam, so the wars will continue. But my failures are nothing compared to those of the hardliners - those of the vendetta cyclists of the South and East. Fighting for peace? Peace is unobtainable if "peace" is just a skin for "my rule", and "my rule" is just me taking advantage of my power. Armament circles are decreasing stability, and violence circles are leading to more bloodshed. No fighting for freedom. No fighting for peace. It's just fighting for the old boss or the new boss, and it's hard to see the difference.

    You Southerners think far too much about history and old grievances. The only thing that can save you is collective amnesia - both in you and in your enemies. Revenge must not take more violent forms than neighbour jokes and football matches - once someone seizes a gun and isn't stopped by family, friends, neighbours and polics, there can be no peace.

    It's discipline. Nonviolent discipline. Laws against violence. So something has to be done with those violent religions. Redact away the violence. Give the Koran and Bible to Disney and put music to it. Or scramble a Monty Python #2. Life of Brian was about Christianity. Now try once more with The Merchant From Mecca Meets The Reed Boy.

    And let the film set be protected by old-fashioned Amazons: one-breasted girls with guns.

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