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who? (08/10/14 09:23:47)
    your post is blurry... vague... non consistent with above posts...
    you contradict yourself quite a bit here.
    but if it doesnt bother you, why would it bother me. shrug. after all, im not here to give history lessons and there are no exams either.
    i was under the impression this is a discussion. i stand corrected.
    i will just say this:
    if you cast me in the "You Southerners" group again, then indeed be prepared to receive a long rant about: memory vs amnesia, guilt vs responsibility, forgiveness vs reparations.
    just for starters. so we can differentiate between us southerners and and the rest.
    as a result, be prepared to find yourself cast into a certain group you may not feel comfortable in.
    your amnesia, is a good way to escape responsibility. reminds me of a few things, one being http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fritz_Haber
    your proposed amnesia implies quite a few things you may not like. and its not disney either.
    i guess europe has always hovered between a desire to forget the nasty past yet preserve the very basis of modern society.
    quite a burden. imvho, someone must carry this cross ;)

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