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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: tranquillitas non libertas  (08/10/14 20:24:35)
    you tend to argue ad hominem, i will surely not follow you here.
    The list of the three letters agencies was there to show up only the number of organisations, beeing concerned about our security. And, thanks to IS, they are doing a big show, how good they work and what they know:
    400 Salafists from .de in syria fighting,25% with whatever kind of graduation,6% with a training, 12% with a job, in a low-pay sector of course.
    That's all? The reason to monitor all of our communication? If you see videos of those (including the .de converted), you may guess this in some seconds. They're unable to a form simple, short entence.
    So, to close the theme, i can't see, what army & angencies in .de do for peace & freedom

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