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another for +forseti (04/12/13 01:47:04) Reply

    for the maestro

archive is corrupted... :( (04/12/13 16:31:29) Reply
    thank you for the gift, but the rar seems corrupted. I will try a few more times to download.


Re: archive is corrupted... :( (05/12/13 18:07:21) Reply
    Pictures were fine with me.

    Who was that black shadow?

Re: Re: archive is corrupted... :( (07/12/13 00:11:16) Reply
    That black shadow was me.

    archive is ok. coz i dl'd it. it was fine.
    so did others.

    oh well

    I just thought it was nice having the light behind me.

must have been (08/01/14 15:11:00) Reply
    a connection issue, I had to download it 4 times to get it, I thought it was 1996.

    this is a lovely place indeed, I hope you have moved there to be away from the crowds. such a nice little town. love the stream & the wonderful oaks.

    sorry to have taken so long to reply, but I am a punk.

    much love to you for solstice, christmas and new years joys

Re: must have been (02/02/14 00:48:54) Reply
    No need for apologies.

    Same love to you back.

    Be well friend.


come again

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