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hey faf, long time no see. (11/04/14 08:54:21)
    your link reminds me of this
    as much as i love mr danin and his work (and i contribute to his site, hebrew only), i think he would have done better to not stray outside his expertise and into wild speculations.
    i mean, i dont see anyone these days trying to replicate newtons alchemical experiments ;)
    anyway, the timna park image with the tabernacle reminds me ill soon be in that area, and this puts a a smile on my weary face. lovely there at this time of year.

    > fresh free range eggs (+all the omega3 and crap) cost a fortune in the supermarket and taste quite crappy.
    "im forced to spend only half my fortune to buy decent ones from a bedouin."

    >> Why don't you try to multiply a few stem by soaking them in water or in a pot mixed with a lot of sand and good ground (2x1).It is a weed, it sould grow under your care.


    do pay more attention and stop skimming :-p
    please dont advise me to "grow my own chickens" in the middle of the city...

    but anyway, for you and mgua.
    i dont really know what a weed is.
    i see a lot of weeds around, they are al invasive, self seeding, need little water, they are all unwanted in peoples gardens for some reason and they are all edible.
    anyway, after some research these past few days, it seems that there are a few cultivars out there, so my problem is probably the seeds i obtained from the bedouin. maybe they are tampered with somehow. maybe they are just weak. dont know.
    ill just "steal" a few small plants from the wild and see how that goes.

    id be very interested in your soup recipe, and much more importantly - my better half is.
    you can mail me if you prefer.
    oh and do let me know how the grandiflora tastes.

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hey faf, long time no see.