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Simple jobs and complex jobs, jobs with people and jobs with things and jobs with concepts and ideas (20/09/17 10:19:38)
    According to folklore based on a hypothesis from some Nobel laureate, the left brain is a square and limited thinker, while the right brain is an inspired and holistic artist.

    Not verified by experiment



    There is a need for experts with holistic views based on solid knowledge. Holism based on hearsay is too vulnerable to political, economic and emotional pressure. Holism should be based on facts and reasoning where facts are unavailable or ambiguous.

    Creativeness,too, needs to be based on knowledge of the existing art. Creativeness without knowledge of the field is just a waste of time. Most acts of creation have already been done similarly by others. My experience is: I have a good idea. Then I look in the databases - including Wikipedia and Google. And then I can read the articles about it. Nothing new. Forget about it. Think of something else.


    Creating jobs needs to take seriously that there are different people and different jobs. Talents are different. Some talents run in families and are heritable together with money. Some families are burdened with little talent and seem destined for poverty because there is no inheritance and little possibility of good earning. The great task is to help those people into useful and agreeable positions in society: converting potential losers into reasonably satisfied citizens. Pulling them through theoretical schools and universities is a very bad idea. I think today's preoccupation with higher education is just a game for hiding unemployment. When I look at what comes out at the other side, I still see hidden unemployment, even if they rise to become my bosses or political leaders or members of their teams.

    Some right-wing people seem refuse to admit that losers must be helped. That's no solution. Making people unhappy is dangerous. Making them happy is much nicer. In my experience the nicest way towards happiness goes through coping. So people should be helped to find ways of coping.

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Simple jobs and complex jobs, jobs with people and jobs with things and jobs with concepts and ideas