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Innocence or ignorance (29/09/16 18:57:05)
    In The Sot-Weed Factor there is a conversation between Ebenezer Cooke and Henry Burlingame III about the distinction between ignorance and innocence. Ebenezer claims to be innocent, but Henry - at last convincingly - ascribes a sense of innocence to be merely founded in ignorance.

    These days we have some perspective on the internet. When Fravia was with us (woooh, it's more than seven years since we lost him), I think we were still innocent and ignorant about the consequences of opening the internet to the general public and to governments. Did we in any way imagine the power of Google, or such phenomena as Facebook, Tinder or Snapchat - or the shitstorms and censorships that powers that be, or activists, or pressure groups, could and would and have release(d) on critics or dissidents? Has it or hasn't it shaken our belief in democracy and equal opportunities?

    We will have to get used to the thoughts of Trump and Le Pen as presidents, or Brexit. But, in fairness, the rise of populist movements did not come out of thin air. It comes because, to many people, the alternatives seem worse.

    We don't need innocent politicians. We cannot afford ignorance on the commanding heights.

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Innocence or ignorance