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Re: Innocence or ignorance (02/10/16 02:59:59)
    "I think we were still innocent and ignorant about the consequences of opening the internet to the general public and to governments"

    I see it a tidbit differently. There were/still are many of us, who were suppressed and were, otherwise, hiding in dark, largely self-imposed, closets for the last 40+ years or so of the progressivist-liberal intellectual tyranny. Internet allowed _us_ to recognize, that: we are not freaks, we are not weirdos, that we are not fascists. Egalitarianism actually IS a revolt against nature, literally. And the Nature is coming to take its toll, eventually.

    Liberal baby-boomer's generation will have to face the consequences of their life- and political decisions in 1960-1980-s - as venerated silver-haired "Prophets" (if things resolve peacefully), or as humiliated and scapegoated losers, crawling towards the ditches of History (if things end up in major, possibly thermonuclear, collapse).

    " We cannot afford ignorance on the commanding heights. "

    Every nation gets the government it deserves.

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Re: Innocence or ignorance