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Re: Re: Innocence or ignorance (10/10/16 09:35:28)
    I think using war rhetoric is dangerous to those who use it and that it makes a lot of collateral damage (on innocents more than on targets). I think it misleads well-meaning people into us-or-them / all-or-none / win-or-lose dichotomies.

    There is no way that you or I, alone or with all of our friends and their friends - can dissipate the powers that be - whether they are highly evil, moderately evil or just greedy. My suggestion is that those who can, make their politics which are truly necessary to keep up pressure and awareness and dissent. Most people have already surrendered, and there is little to be done about. And some must keep the small flame burning. We must live with it without accepting it as the best solution.

    Leibniz and Voltaire, anyone?

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Re: Re: Innocence or ignorance