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And then back to really old-fashioned politics (14/10/16 17:47:19)
    TheRegister tells us about the toxic atmosphere at Samsung with a leader caste running the business with the attitudes of slave owners. Dieselgate tells us about the internal culture of VW. Union busting is even going on in peaceful ,no - in the public health sector. Bureaucracy is increasing, controls are increasing, surveillance is increasing. Trump, UKIP, AfD, Greece, France, Turkey, Hungary, Sweden, Finland - anyone can extend the list. It's time to reverse the poisonous policies of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, who gave legitimacy (I had to search for the word) to the policy of giving more money to the rich.

    I am not happy about independent trade unions and the free press as we see them - but the alternative is tyranny. We see a lot of that.

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And then back to really old-fashioned politics