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Revolutions eating their childen: the changing faces (15/10/16 07:40:02)
    It doesn't fit, but in a way it does.

    (I don't see how the references above fit with the text below, but I loved those references.)

    The Chinese and Russian dictatorships are now mocking the western democracies for the foolish decisions made in the electorate. The Trump, the brexit - and there are more. Religious fanaticism as a political tool, the imbalance of the press, the vindictiveness and envy of the masses are all destructive towards the possibility of running long-range and well-reflected policies. On the other side those dictatorships are sitting on crumbling foundations of infrastructure mismanagement or bubbles and bombs of reckless borrowing.

    It seems that the circus has become too expensive by allowing too much busywork, too much hypocrisy and too many lies, and the permission to sell the harvest before anything has been sown.

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Revolutions eating their childen: the changing faces