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AI  (07/11/17 21:26:27)
    It has come to my attention, recently to a large extent the influence of artificial intelligence in searching or expanding the knowledge base of ones self. The ability of youtube to dig deeper into a thought process has amazed me really. It is like meditating in a way, if you start with a thought and consistently keep to that thought and try to find out the root cause of it you will be left with an understanding of that matter, the ultimate goal is this separating, where one sees the object for what it is (call it truth or what ever), object in this case been the trigger for the thought.

    If you leave youtube playing rnb for a day,week,month will it still be playing rnb when you come back, or will it have jumped to gospel or even jazz. I know that this is largely dependent on the database but other factors such as friend history logs, facebook, twitter feeds can influence where the video stream might end up.

    Its as if ones life description has been reduced to code, the more you are fed data the more productive or expressive you will become, a continues stream of thoughts molded by the algo's, the only thing one can do with information is to share it, if governments are talking about regulations in this sector the only thing that can work is a counter propaganda message, because you cant regulate human nature and facebook, twitter and google are extensions of human nature


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