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The boiling frog (20/06/18 19:51:14)
    The gradual reintroduction of church-supported regression towards the past looks like the slow boiling of frogs. Just heat the water slowly - then the frog will not notice until it is too late. So the struggle must start early enough and be run hard enough by many enough. Now we also have the fake-news factories to cope with.

    If Europe lets herself go into the future along directions from the church, then there will be no counterweight against the Chinese expansion. If we keep Europe progressive, there is no end to interesting and mutually beneficial collaboration.

    The USA may be lost already if we look at the majority. But the US is a big country with lots of good Darwinists.


    (I hope the last one isn't fake. But breeding dogs has been done before. Just think of Mr. Dobermann.).

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