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Re: Nanoparticles (17/01/18 11:55:07)
    i have a recurring flying dream I partially woke from this morning and realized it would be very beneficial to have some evacuated carbon buckyballs filled with vacuum to assist in getting off the ground as it were.

    some hydrofoil like getup as drawn by mobius with carbon-kevlar sails I envision, the hull filled with vacuum-bubckballs packed in a foam or gel into compartments.

    landing would be the problem, if the buoyancy was right to fly, you'd need a velcro anchor or a big hook.

    make them in space? like how they wrap the milk carton around the milk?

    like plants, pluck carbon from the atmosphere, wrap it in nothing and voilla floatiness in a nano skin... of course you'd need trillions of them...

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