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Did you ever notice (08/07/18 12:52:18)
    "boring Elon" hehe. Anything but boring. Hope he's not in the way. Have you signed up for Mars yet?
    Don't think we should despairof our tyrannic decade, but reverse engineer it.
    I have a nephew who is in game design.
    Character, + weapon, + costume, + scenario, + tactic (attack & counter-attack), + strategy (history reversed) and the old Burroughs Corp. solution to code defugalty = "reboot", (while IBM was perfecting = "parents never die; children first")

    I think we should do the Aristotle thing, the Freud thing. Guess at soul and edge of perception, and make up our minds about motives/motifs/motivators: design our Trump Putin Merckel Kim Xi bots, and with insight and battle, with surmise and mistake, see where thimks are going.

    I think we'll see how weak boasting is.
Humphrey P

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