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Re: Hi illbran && i got a t shirt too (30/05/13 17:59:09)
    Hi illbran and others,

    I don't think so although quite possibly many may think of me so.

    I may be vain, it may be my gonzo but sometimes it is all (or mostly) about me. I could of course be totally mistaken and there was no suggestion of anything.

    I got fed up of the gremlins - because there were gremlins - and decided on the different approach, to nail things down. It's much more basic but reminds me of when I was younger and I like the feeling of security.

    About repeated postings of nonsense. So what? I do it too. So what? Isn't it reality that some people have wretched lives or episodes of wretched lives? I get a bit pissed off that I have achieved so much while at the same time have achieved so little. Perhaps it is that is simply so difficult to evaluate i.e. what effect have you had is how would it have been different. tbh I would like to do away with the nonsense posts and have improved but some peoples lives are so wretched (or on occasion that) you/I/we can but get evil drunk...

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Re: Hi illbran && i got a t shirt too