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Re: I won't be meeting anybody. (28/09/13 01:39:33)
    I was a bit raw. I'd been on an intense week long hacking run with virtual machines.

    I got some wires crossed.

    Can you ever forgive me?

    I thought so.

    It's game still on.

    The location has slightly changed, but it's not too far away.

    Still for November, which is still another month or two.
    Jesus, how much notice do you need ;-).

    Please mail me for details. Might be a bit difficult seeing as only two people have my mail but hey, you know who you are.

    It's going to be a barn storming romper stomper of a get-together. There will either be great celebrations or great angst. Haven't been to a good funeral in a while so it might still be fun. Sign up now while you can. Shame no one has anyones's emails any more and all the boards are locked. Oh well. We make the world we live in. Still the offer is there, you can't ever say it wasn't.

    And this is going to be one fuck of a party!

    You might think I'm joking, but er, those that make it will know. We have something very very special this year.

    Anyway. Please get in touch with me if you can. It's call my bluff time, so er, please call me and call my bluff. You will be glad you did.


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Re: I won't be meeting anybody.