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shall we all meet up? (22/08/13 23:52:40) Reply
    Mourn the loss of a warrior?
    Get drunk?
    Eat nice food?

    Meet old friends.
    Meet new ones.


    eh eh

    Before the dog days of summer are gone.

    Surely we can catch it.

    If we want.

    Whaddya think?

First question: Where (n/t) (23/08/13 16:13:27) Reply

Re: First question: Where (23/08/13 21:04:06) Reply
    Deutschland ist gut.

    It's central to most people who might want to come.

    What do you think?


Re: Re: First question: Where (24/08/13 20:24:58) Reply
    for whatever reasons i agree with you

go on guys (25/08/13 19:09:28) Reply
    the long history of


    as they said it before,

    is by no means finished.

    (you now that one, '..they've discovered something unbelievable..')

Re: go on guys (25/08/13 19:47:15) Reply
    did i say "not finished"?

    heck, its a mockery.

    strike that.

    the truth/universe may be, as Eddington or somebody else put it, stranger than we can imagine.

Re: Re: Re: First question: Where (26/08/13 17:54:33) Reply
    me too ;)

    As I'll be pretty busy with the election campaign during September, I'd prefer someplace sometime in October. I even had a location to propose (although not checked if/when available): http://www.roterochs.de/english/

    It's 40 km north of Nuremberg and a very nice inn from the 19. century with affordable accomodation and fine Frankonian food. I know the owner and I've been there several times with various groups of people.

Re: Re: Re: Re: First question: Where (28/08/13 21:06:53) Reply
    October is too early. November, perhaps. We are planning a trip to Lower Frankonia in the second half, some 2 hours away by train (or 1 hour by car). No tickets yet.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: First question: Where (29/08/13 16:33:11) Reply
    Ok, so November, then.

    May I ask who'd like to come?
    If it's more than just 3 or 4 people, I'd be prepared to organize it.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: First question: Where (31/08/13 01:55:28) Reply
    it seems a lot of my answers are getting lost.

    I put up some stuff yesterday, but it is gone.

    oh well.

    gs if you would be good enough, yes it would be appreciated.

    you have a pretty good grip on things.

    November is good. It gives people time to get ready...

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: First question: Where (31/08/13 01:58:24) Reply
    Yes, it will be more than 3 or 4 people.

    It might be as much as 5 or 6.


    Though i think it will be much more

    I think we are looking at about 20 people all in.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: First question: Where (01/09/13 20:31:41) Reply
    i would prefer at least a middle class hotel and if we are really talking "about 20 people all in", we should consider a bigger place.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: First question: Where (02/09/13 13:58:45) Reply
    That shouldn't be a problem. There's another hotel in walking reach from "Roter Ochs".

    But if you have a different/better place available, just let me know.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: First question: Where (02/09/13 20:40:29) Reply
    that's fine.
    don't play games with me

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: First question: Where (10/09/13 22:54:48) Reply
    I'm not playing games. I've been to the Roter Ochs several times with groups about that size (It's kind of an insider tip in a certain part of the German IT community, probably because the keeper used to be a regular in news://de.alt.sysadmin.recovery a while ago - while mew and others were as well)

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: First question: Where (11/09/13 19:57:38) Reply
    sorry Gregor,
    playing games was the answer to:
    > But if you have a different/better place available, just let me know.
    As you know i'm completely free of fantasy: i would suggest a maritim at Frankfurt Airport or so:)

Fuck me dom (16/09/13 20:01:38) Reply
    Anything else we can get you?



    Built in swingers club with a few spare Thai lady boys?

    Did i miss anything?

    eh eh.

Re: I'll be there (04/09/13 10:31:55) Reply
    On the black forested
    High hill!!
    with my slow beating heart,
    skyping at a cam?

Re: Re: I'll be there (10/09/13 22:51:04) Reply
    I read this right - you'd be there? Well, this isn't Black Forest, this is Frankonia, but nevertheless... We might have a chance to visit Nuremberg, which imo is always worth a visit.

    I'll call Konny (the owner of Roter Ochs) and ask, what weekends might be available.

faf there!!! (11/09/13 18:44:01) Reply
    Better than the meal.
    The "event".
    A must.

    But my dad won't allow ,he thinks I'm crazt and go spend it with girts of bad reputation and vodka, moscovscaya videlicet</i)), well, if I find some spare cash I'll be there.

    Or faf may come visit me in El Campello (the house with lotsa cats, some cypresses sadly lost :_-(

    But are you the real faf, or a guy pretending to be the faf?


    E: this is yours: INSpired by the song you put me 1st thing we met, the one that made you cry, remember?

    take care

I dont't remember crying. Ever. (12/09/13 17:10:02) Reply
    But it could be this one. Bought really cheap in the closing sale of a maoist record shop - the one that was bombed by some neo-nazis in 1977.


    The only track worth listening to IMO.


Real Life (02/10/13 17:59:48) Reply
    music from australia, 1983:


    The small 'solo' guitar at approx minute 3, probably the only worth of it, what do you think?

Inquisition (12/09/13 20:33:17) Reply

Cool down! (13/09/13 15:15:26) Reply
    Okaye, lets dissecate my short answer to Illbran.
    But not only.

    The message subject is for fjr2p.

    Then the black forest is a country reference, I could as well have mentionned about: cuckoo, Which by the way, homonymously means hello in my language.

    Hallo gs!

    Does "High hill!!" mean something? Yes it does! It is a way to greet Illy and telling him that I see him -from here- too far away, too far up, if you will. I regret that, anyway.

    The beating heart thingy was for the tempo.

    Skyping at a cam was the point; I will not be there physically...

    Gosh! all this, for that.

    All you be well

Re: Cool down! (16/09/13 19:41:42) Reply
    I thought it was a haiku.

    shows how much i know about haikus.



    There are things we think we know...

t'was only a high five cuckoo's haiku! (13/09/13 15:30:11) Reply

Re: t'was only a high five cuckoo's haiku! (16/09/13 19:48:27) Reply
    Oh i see.

    It was a Haiku after all.

    Just saw this (unless my eye subliminally scanned it).

    I never could understand them. Or how they are supposed to be made.
    I can write poetry and understand its heart, but for me the Haiku is a mystery.

    I like it that way.
    One must maintain some innocence, i feel.


Re: Re: t'was only a high five cuckoo's haiku! (18/09/13 13:59:50) Reply
    On a mountain
    must maintain

    Haiku is not
    me think it is
    Think about it

Re: Re: Re: t'was only a high five cuckoo's haiku! (22/09/13 16:56:46) Reply
    Now you're stretching the boundaries of what is acceptable!

eh faf, i should bloody hope so.. (16/09/13 19:39:00) Reply

I should bloody hope so.. (18/09/13 13:47:43) Reply
    Thank you,
    my friend.

Re: The nec搪s新ar暄 link . . . (18/09/13 13:50:09) Reply

Gasp (18/09/13 19:14:04) Reply
    I'm breathless

Re: Re: The nec搪s新ar暄 link . . . (18/09/13 21:19:23) Reply

Re: Re: The nec搪s新ar暄 link . . . (22/09/13 16:59:43) Reply
    eh eh.

    whose round is it?

    Round 1.
    Round 2.

    Pretty soon you're talking some real punches.

    My boy. Oi Vey.

Will you come to the ball? (16/09/13 19:56:28) Reply
    I'm really hoping that Ritz and Mordred and +forseti and Don Quixote see this.

    Plus a few others too, so if you can spread this round.

    I'd hate for someone to find out a week later and have missed out.

    If you could Gentlemen?



Re: Will you come to the ball? (16/09/13 20:08:33) Reply
    So, if it is 'game on', what sort of time frame are we talking?

    Mid November?

    Keep us posted GS and thanks for your efforts. Ill buy u a beer.

    Or zwei...

    Your nearest and dearest have my addy. Hit me up my good man, and we can take things further.


My dates are now fixed (17/09/13 17:50:16) Reply
    The Wife has booked tickets. We decided to fly instead of driving.

    Frankfurt arrival 16th November, Frankfurt departure 23rd November. Both Saturdays - so no entire weekend at either end. It couldn't be helped.

Well, improvisation (19/09/13 23:14:14) Reply
    The planned location at Forchheim would only be available on November 2nd/3rd or 9th/10th. Or on the first weekend in December.

    So if we plan to meet, we need to find another place first. So, where do you and your wife actually travel to, e?

Re: Well, improvisation (20/09/13 16:01:32) Reply
    Lower Franconia: Wrzburg.

Re: Re: Well, improvisation (20/09/13 16:12:50) Reply
    But it's not a once-only event. We have been going there at least twice a year to see the grandchildren, and it might be better to postpone the full scale event until next year to allow for more planning and coordination and more participants.

uh ho (22/09/13 17:05:12) Reply
    uh ho

    Full scale event?

    Are you sure about that?

Re: My dates are now fixed (22/09/13 17:03:01) Reply
    Fucking Hell.

    You're game!

    eh Hey?

I won't be meeting anybody. (22/09/13 19:53:30) Reply
    Sorry to fuck u all around.

    I'm calling it a day.

    By all means please meet up and share beers.

    Nothing would make me happier.
    Raise a glass for me.

    I won't be there.

    Take care friends.

Re: I won't be meeting anybody. (22/09/13 20:18:59) Reply
    Pity. Anyway - you did start some activity towards arranging a meeting - and a few months of notice - specially outside of the holiday season - was scarce.

    So I hope (to GS) that no damage has been done. Note to myself: I must open my schedule to friends, and make every schedule slacker.

    Anyone going to Rome in mid-October?

Re: Re: I won't be meeting anybody. (25/09/13 20:25:18) Reply
    So I hope (to GS) that no damage has been done.

    None at all. Let's find a weekend next year.

Re: I won't be meeting anybody. (28/09/13 01:39:33) Reply
    I was a bit raw. I'd been on an intense week long hacking run with virtual machines.

    I got some wires crossed.

    Can you ever forgive me?

    I thought so.

    It's game still on.

    The location has slightly changed, but it's not too far away.

    Still for November, which is still another month or two.
    Jesus, how much notice do you need ;-).

    Please mail me for details. Might be a bit difficult seeing as only two people have my mail but hey, you know who you are.

    It's going to be a barn storming romper stomper of a get-together. There will either be great celebrations or great angst. Haven't been to a good funeral in a while so it might still be fun. Sign up now while you can. Shame no one has anyones's emails any more and all the boards are locked. Oh well. We make the world we live in. Still the offer is there, you can't ever say it wasn't.

    And this is going to be one fuck of a party!

    You might think I'm joking, but er, those that make it will know. We have something very very special this year.

    Anyway. Please get in touch with me if you can. It's call my bluff time, so er, please call me and call my bluff. You will be glad you did.


Game's still on Motherfuckers (07/11/13 20:54:09) Reply
    if yo want


Re: Game's still on Motherfuckers (08/11/13 16:56:20) Reply

    (since it's Friday)

And since it's still Friday (specially to dom) (08/11/13 16:59:45) Reply

come again

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