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your opinions please (11/09/19 22:40:20) Reply
    Comments and feedback are welcomed especially on the Halloween proposal. I'm having second thoughts about it. We have a PM who is a serious authoritarian - he bought lethal watercannon from Germany to kill protestors, I have serious concrns for his sanity and that of his advisor Cummings, there is still uncertainty over no-deal and there is the danger of misrepresentation as pro or anti Brexit protest.

Re: your opinions please (13/09/19 06:42:45) Reply
    To me it seems that Johnson is preparing for a civil war in mainland Britain. We knew from before that he did not mind a resumption of the civil war in Ireland. Suspending Parliament to me looks like a coup d'├ętat. Governments have no right to suspend the parliament - it's the other way around.

    To me the acts of Johnson and his people are contrary to both decency and common sense - so there must be some very deep corruption involved.

    I think there is consolation, though. I have known a couple of people like Boris Johnson. I've even had some bosses like him. Common to them is that they are full of shouting and boasting - in stark contrast to the poor results they come up with in the end. They are all going for the quick fixes - and when they fall, they fall almost immediately into oblivion (except to the historians).

    But democracy is about division of labour. I think there are sufficient numbers of qualified and powerful and right-thinking people, even politicians, who will save UK in the end. I don't think you or I need to do anything actively. But we must take care not to support the reactionaries anywhere - whether economic, technological or environmental. If there is a room anywhere for intolerance, it must be towards those.

While I love BJs I would prefer the ditch scenario  (28/09/19 21:14:40) Reply
    Thank you for your opinions e, noted and considered.

Seems we soon will have a BJexit (n/t) (24/09/19 10:14:23) Reply

come again

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