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Successes (06/12/15 21:19:16)
    Lobbying. Astroturfing. Shills.

    Die Zeit had a large article about how to exit from the research system showing that people in academia regretted their calling into academia because work in academia isn't like other jobs - even for those permanently employed.

    I have a personal history of being one of the rejects from the academic system. So I have had more money and a less frustrating career and greater freedom. Win-Win-Win. Science isn't any more one of the commanding heights of society. ( The old UK Labour thought it was steel and rails).

    But it isn't only economy. The science has become so politicised. There is a continuous need for grant applications, and those are directed by politics and their stooges the economists (i misspelt as egonomists in the first version, but caught it in the proofreading). In the olden days when I was a young research fellow there was steady and reliable money for the universities and rather easily accessible grant money for those who had sponsors. And there was time to do real research and of becoming a real senior researcher from own experience. Not any more.

    We've been through a coup. The age of reason ended with a coup, and we did not see it because nobody died. Most still haven't seen it. But the age of reason is over. I think it was Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. And Gro Harlem Brundtland - if I may name the local destroyer around here.

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