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Re: Vicious circle (26/02/17 18:14:58)
    Billions of people belong to belief systems based on the premise that there is a god who created himself out of nothing, and who afterwards created Cosmos including Earth and the biosphere out of nothing. This idea is taught in schools and universities and supported by societies. Historically, and even today, this belief system has been supported by societies, and diverging beliefs have been punished by excommunication. threats of violence in this and the next world, and real imprisonment, torture and death. To some significant degree this still happens. So when we discuss the problems of science, religion in its various forms, is the elephant in the room. Everybody sees it, but almost nobody talks about it.

    Scientific work in religion is mostly cheap. Books will do. You don't need a single mass spectrometer in an entire faculty of theology. (But CERN is well financed, and they did find the God particle, didn't they?)

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