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Craziness vs genius (extraordinary intellectual and creative power) (08/01/17 07:45:20)
    Solid rationality may be labelled as craziness by those wishing to defend the existing order. So the environment of established institutions or companies may be deeply hostile towards really new thoughts. Various sorts of censorship may apply. If the creativeness takes the form of political uttering, the punishments may become dangerous to the mental or physical health. It may be shitstorms on Twitter, career limitations, forced psychiatric treatment, imprisonment or murder - depending on time and place. So don't go public unless you and your family are willing and able to cope with the penalties.

    In this context it is enlightening to reread the



    In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is crazy. No way will he be king.

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Craziness vs genius (extraordinary intellectual and creative power)