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Re: Re: Re: Craziness vs genius (extraordinary intellectual and creative power) (09/01/17 03:00:55)
    Ronnie - movie actor, good guy. Maggie (G-d rest her soul) - trained chemist (CHEMIST!) and libertarian, who, among many other useful things, handed their marxist-leninist asses to would-be "revolutionaries" coal miners back in 80-s, privatized the economy and provided her fellow britons with another ~20 years of prosperity and peace. The rest that you've named are joke, good guys/gals at best. Putin? "Russian" pretender, genetic Veps otherwise, alpha-malish, masculine placeholder for something that is going to replace modern day Russia civilizationally.

    Photovoltaics (discarding slave chinese labor and CN- | CID 5975 involvement) and Wind - what about their EROEI and actual electricity storage infrastructure in place? IMHO, good stuff, but 25 years too damn late...

    Everything good and positively technological, that is going to happen, is going to happen after the next Greatest War, unfortunatly (no thanks to you, idealistic and gullible baby boomers, who brought us into it).

    P.S. Fences will happen, localism(s) will happen, unimaginable sufferings will happen for the next ~15 years or so - until next Rennaissance comes again in early to mid-2030th, for those who are lucky enough to be alive and able-(minded)bodied at that spiritually golden time.

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Re: Re: Re: Craziness vs genius (extraordinary intellectual and creative power)