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political climate (weather) (22/11/16 08:19:11)
    for the past week there is a nasty and relentless khamsin blowing in my region.
    a few nights ago, while a dish of water was rapidly evaporating next to my head, i drifted into a tormented sleep accompanied by my old friend pazuzu...

    so, while checking the data from my weather station, which showed 10 to 15% humidity, chilly eastern wind of 50km/h and gusts close to 80km/h, i could almost understand people who kept an amulet/statuette of my dear friend. he may be the bringer of drought and famine but maybe you can beg, appease or reason with him. besides, there are far worse things to be afraid of...

    apparently, a demon beats a synoptic chart any day of of the week.
    a scientist is not responsible for the laws of nature or for his prediction, a demon IS.

    regardless, i would LOVE having such a statuette.
    a few years ago i was tempted to buy two such statuettes, one of ishtar and one of baal.
    they were 1.5 inch tall and amazingly detailed.
    i could almost see them in a small niche in my house, "doing their thing" protecting the household, shrouded in silence, candlelight and incense ;)
    problem was, there was a 4500$ price tag attached. damn those pricey demons/gods!

    >> Proactive high-quality politics would be concentrated on preventing people becoming or feeling like losers.


    you cannot control the weather afaik. we are all losers. or are we?

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political climate (weather)