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Opinion Criminologists Mislead Us (05/09/19 20:36:16) Reply

    Black families of yesteryear were mainly two-parent and stable, even during slavery. Black people didn't tolerate property destruction. There were few school fights. Disrespect and assaults on teachers were virtually unknown. These are now all too common. The strong character of black people is responsible for the great progress made from emancipation to today. Find a 70-, 80- or 90-year-old black person and ask him whether today's conduct among black youth would have been tolerated yesteryear. I guarantee you that no will be their answer.
Walter E. Williams

In a wider perspective (10/09/19 11:46:20) Reply
    The ruling classes never had much respect for the lower classes or the accepted norms of behaviour, but they had the church to do the dirty work for them, mainly by threatening with hell in the afterlife. Now the power of the church is largely broken. After centuries of scientific progress, even with widespread sabotage of the schooling system, it is hard to make people generally believe in the resurrection of the flesh or the eternal life. So the ruling classes will either have to lead by example, or they will have to provide incentives that matter. Trump is hardly the man to provide them.

Yeah, the good old days (10/09/19 19:22:02) Reply
    of segregated schools, segregated buses, segregated military units, segregated churches, lynchings. MAGA, they say! Indeed.

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