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Alone in the wilderness (12/07/13 21:01:18) Reply

    Surviving Alone in Alaska


    Surviving in the Siberian Wilderness for 70 Years


    Alone in the wild



    All the best, chaps!

Re: Alone in the wilderness (13/07/13 08:05:21) Reply
    There are some on other countries too. And we have some Dutch people who take their families to almost-deserted villages of Western .no and breathe new life into the communities.

    Wife and I were on a brief trip to Italy the other week and took the Fiat through some narrow roads to Pellegrino Parmense. Beautiful area - sufficiently mountaineous to permit comparison with home. Here there was agriculture everywhere. At home there would be forest or shrub, and almost no people.

    Seeking the wilderness: It is a privilege of the rich, or a necessity for the poor.

    And then there are the sensation seekers - those who need to meet neew challenges all the time - until they meet the one they cannot cope with.

Well, I am of the poor.. (13/07/13 23:28:36) Reply
    But my wilderness was not sought. It was found.

    i learn to deal with it best i can.

    But, yes. you are right, it is a beast.

Re: Alone in the wilderness (16/07/13 21:48:43) Reply

    Brandi Carlile: have you ever


come again

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