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mindfulness (20/03/13 02:36:21)
    I sense we are approaching a time of uncertainty.

    the desperation or willingness of the IMF/ECB to attempt to steal Mafiya money out of the Cypriot banks is a grave sign regarding the continuing collapse of the derivative ponzi scheme.

    european socialized society is quickly running out of other peoples money.

    things are much worse in usa, where graft, bribery & outright theft at all levels of the public/private partnership of corporatism will surely result in open warfare between the factions soon after the dollar is inflated into oblivion.

    certainly agents will say it is conspiracy theory, but how does one explain the coordinated conspiring right out in the open for all to see?

    the way to avoid the collapse of civility and rule of law is plainly being avoided at all costs. they will ride it into oblivion.

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