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Faiths or political posturing: who knows? (20/03/13 20:23:42)
    With age I see more lies around than I did when I was young. I used to think that fairness, reason and good intentions ruled my world - now that all wars were over and good thinking would, eventually, rule the world.

    Of course I was fascinated by the aftermath of the Internationsl Geophysical Year (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Geophysical_Year) - a few years before I became interested in scientific news - but then there was John F Kennedy


    I've never read it before - but it brings tears to my eyes.

    So - The Man had him murdered. It took me almost forty years to see what that murder led to - and the Vietnam war was only the beginning.


    But this source does not, as far as I can see, give any plausible number of casualties caused by US bombing in North Vietnam, which was indeed massive.



    SO it didn't take many years to abolish the policies outlined in Kennedy's inaugural address.

    Back to topic - how about the religions? To me religion is a private matter. Verbal insults, book burnings, caricatures, banner burning - they're only symbols, and rational people should be able to distinguish between symbols and reality.

    If that god is such an almighty power - why does he need thugs to protect his name? He could just send a lightning, couldn't he? Or a meteorite? So protecting god against insults is in my not at all humble opinion among the worst types of blasphemy, presenting the god as a spoiled and jealous child

    Buddhist or christian or hindu or muslim or jew or scientologist or communazi or laissez-faire capitalist or plain heathen: You may speak freely. Inciting violence or acting violently is a crime.

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Faiths or political posturing: who knows?