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one more (02/06/13 12:13:02)
    First thanks for your understanding and "condolence" with me here, whatever your reasons, for not beginning stomp on me ;)

    I've shitted a brick above, eh? :)

    it's true that I hardly intended it

    but luckily :)

    both of my posts above have been somewhat -

    misleading ;)

    Couldn't Ive just been passin by?

    and fine?

    without all this shit? :)

    At that point of my weakness (still have some "luckily" :) it looked to me like say you bidding somebody a good afternoon but that somebody simply cuts you dead, looking down at you as a tard or something (though youre sure you haven't offended them before anyway)

    Crippled and ridiculous analogy maybe

    Truth is that people may miss the things out for various reasons (myself being a point in case to say no more :)

    Some of them may be remote, some shy or something..

    to meet you, us, I mean

    Some may just not want anybody to relate them anyhow to any "virtual" reality, like here for instance
    (not so "unreal" one, imho btw ;)


    By all means

    I just felt sorry (for you, if possibly met noone "familiar" there in berlin

    thats it.

    (Btw, hope some bookings come into your inbox
    but even if theyar not, please be considerate,
    as usual
    And enjoy the Beer
    anyway! ;)


    you, should, keep taking me for *no* granted

    as usual ;)

    In fact I'm not at all that bad at meeting people, even personally

    After all, it's me who's been working for quite a while , in person, with various "gangs"..

    (do not panic, I mean legal work, *for living*, with say sleepers, forks, shovels, picks ... :|


    to or for me


    no *real*

    no *My*

    Railroads :)

    Theres some occasions where I'd like to remove "the Mask," from the face, some

    (Ah, Bauhaus)

    "Nobody" would believe me

    (there's always a "slight" doubt)

    even if I swore, by... ;)

    (anycase, don't worry bout it, will get away from "those" no doubt ;)


    from the Clown.



    to name just One now,

    already has read us

    (from the padding)

    as "friends" :)


    For longer,

    "Fuck you all"


    All the best

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