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beg your pardon once more and (probably) for all.. (17/06/13 11:58:08)
    because, i think, i still have conscience (or did inherit it) i must say that my previous post here was intended as a particular "mockery" of course, so is highly misleading, in my opinion

    in fact, there is or could have been, nothing at all that can originate "outof nothing"

    not "possible" even to, yea, God

    in my "right" opinion, i think that the thing is much, much, yea, scarier

    that's all i wanted to clear up here

    (and just to add, regarding excrements being "gods" deeds too i have nothing to subtract :)

    take it or leave it

    anyway, thanks for your time and nerves and all the best.

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come again

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beg your pardon once more and (probably) for all..