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some recent photographs (03/08/13 06:15:44) Reply

Re: some recent photographs (03/08/13 09:29:24) Reply
    You've got hardware!

    Your moon pictures: My moons almost always get overexposed. Note to self: Must start using spot mode. And some telephoto lens. Start saving now.

    The winter pictures are really nice. Around here we have a thunderstorm right now: nothing spectacular, just wet.

moon (03/08/13 21:13:44) Reply
    The moon is spectacularly hard to shoot, took me about 30 shots to get that one... all manual. I would guess a real correction would be close to -2EV to get the moon right. The meter on my sony often overexposes a bit, but is at least consistently overoptimistic & so I can set the shutter speed to suit. The continuous aperture on the lens is a real help when the choice between manual shutter speeds is too wide.

    Often I use the meter as a rough guide to get me in range & then take multiple exposures @ different speeds to look at later in optics pro. always best to underexpose, as with raw manipulation there is a huge range of exposure latitude but of course no room for correction in overexposure clipping.

    Also, there is a lot of digital processing to finesse the final image. RAW noise reduction, exposure, lens & sensor corrections with Dx0 Optics Pro, exposure & further color in Photoshop etc. One thing to note, the large format lenses are so superb ( and inexpensive ) that no chromatic aberration correction or sharpening is used & this makes a huge difference in the final image tones.

    A similar setup would be a sinar p combined with a fujifilm EX-1 with a Schneider APO Symmar MC. This would produce spectacular results for about $1200 or slightly less than a fast f2.8 dslr telephoto :) crap for photographing animals or racing cars, though... unless one did tilt-shift video :)

    I will probably get a fujifilm xe-1 or perhaps an x-pro2 when it arrives. the x series are perhaps the best affordable cameras yet. their color & clarity are amazing. Only the Nikon D800E & medium format backs are better...

Re: images (04/08/13 16:41:39) Reply
    For me it is not about tool you can puchase to catch what catches your eye first that count. But what you can take - and present to others - with what you have: basicaly an eye and an inclination, a taste if you wll. Fuck the technology that will chained you untill you can use it the way they program you to use it!

    Altough, as much I kinda love your environment as you seem to do, I kinda feel not close to the way you show it.

    This is strongly said, I know, but for you forseti, I can speak my mind out.

    Wanna see what I did with a very old scanner, to emphasis my point?
    There -> http://www.panoramio.com/user/4806131/tags/D%C3%A9lire%20floral

    Not to say that I did better but that you don't really share; here you are showing...

    What else do you have in store?

    Eternal fareway Love

yes, (06/08/13 17:46:13) Reply
    the "focus" is on the wrong thing

    (btw, i do not like very much having (my) posts removed
    specially, when they do have
    focus :)

OT (06/08/13 20:23:12) Reply
    i have to ask, why do you think, your posts are removed/deleted here?
    If so, that's clearly not done in my sense.
    Or did you send spam or BS?

Re: OT (13/08/13 21:15:40) Reply
    if I should answer, somehow, and if you don't mind..

    do let us forget about it, again,

    ok? :)

    (say its, was, just me, being much too cosset, or spoiled;
    and no, I can't get as much "indifferent" as I could possibly pretend to be, btw ;)

'cos I feel I do owe this... (20/08/13 10:36:29) Reply
    in connexion with,


    criticism of


    (Whoa, Cool!)



    criticism of religion,

    is the criticism of



    no less

    no more


    great thanks to

    the Late,

    they say so,




    the ...

    Sociologist ...


    for this great insight.

    humble me believe
Beavis or Butthead

you know what, ..overall? (20/08/13 19:28:34) Reply

    Great Guys/Galls :)

Re: 'cos I feel I do owe this... (21/08/13 21:51:27) Reply
    i wish i'd..... never, ever, engaged myself in here, i mean if i hadn't, now i wouldn't feel "morally" obliged to anybody here any apologies or anything, call me deprived :)

    i haven't, didn't read much Bloch myself (lucky you, btw, else you'd'v probably had yet another set/string of robotic mumblings here :) nor Marx himself in fact but, and i want/have to make it completely clear now, regardless of whether real marxizm ever has anything to do with all this or not and whether i'm barking at the wrong tree (i do hope so! btw), if religion(s) and faith it-self are not discerned/discriminated in there then i'm not and never been one, thanks (marxist that is) .

    so.. "simple"..

    i *like* i do to think for myself it was out of.. humanism, or something, that i got there, no selfishness any kind included, but..

    worse, for me, is yet to come, still,

    at some point here i even dared tell, yea, "god" "what to do."

    heck, i even dared what "he" can/'t do.

    so, again, to make it clear - i, even as marxist, can't be sure, can't (dis)prove, to say the least, that something couldn't originate even "out of thin air" (although i'd tried to dodge it "verbally" at the time);
    abruptly, if they "can" (dis)prove "the last things" with *certainty*, i'm not one of them (marxists)

    no atonement intended..

    even if it never happens to me, specifically..


    come what may


    we are still...





    for "normal creatures" here, a fragment of the line from yea Kapital- go your own way... :)

    for "nuts" if any - don't catch at this, real thing may be even scarier :)
poor me, almost a convertit, *almost*

lapsus calami (21/08/13 22:08:28) Reply
    "call me depraved" i meant, sorry :)

was just pending, but.. (21/08/13 22:40:25) Reply
    because you were "good" to me :)

    here it is.

    take, or leave it.

    we've all been witnissizing this.. "miracle"!

    things, being, for real

    "out" of space and time

    to paraphrase, with a vengance - out of space and time !!!

    its your real experience(es) to me.

    and vice versa :)

    "quantum physics" is too short imho, being too much "human" :)

    but, this, being for real...

    "out" of space!



    (we must call this "relative" ;)

Re: to lapsus calami you can add converti (22/08/13 15:29:34) Reply
    You should have worn a condom before engaging into junk jerking to spare us your useless discharge, boy.

Re: Re: to lapsus calami you can add converti (22/08/13 16:46:54) Reply
    uncle faf?!

    nice to meet you, i was a fan of yours! :)

    great for me to get to know you haven't been affected in any way with my... you know... :)

    it's also great to get to no that all allowed is right too, like using condoms, thanx Uncle!
    (one is never too old a boy, not to experience

    tnx again Uncle!!

    (next time i'll heed to not get caught doing it ;)

Re: Re: to lapsus calami you can add converti (22/08/13 20:32:48) Reply
    Or he could eat his wild oats instead of spreading it on the unworthy.

    Oats or goats - the animal or the disease?

cos these guys don't understand shit (23/08/13 00:02:32) Reply
    i'll need to bless them cumming one more time here.

    its not that i have converted in any way ;)

    rather its my understanding of others that may be changing, not for the better.

    though as it seems from your ripe responses here you are like few of them per tu with the last things of man this is absolutely unnecessary, my quotes all around notwithstanding :),
    let's clear up one thing, for posterity:

    to me a potential miracle out of thin air will not contradict any instances in reality that contains both those instances and that miracle.
    the problem, not for you of course, is to know what all reality is, can be,
    and about

    borrowing your language,
    its kind of like using a rubber properly and you still make that mare a baby
    and you know for sure the rubber hadn't popped or cracked anyhow
    you may see only Providence in all that afterwords
    others may see Providence and say the bad texture
    anyway of course the effect is same - the foal is on the way
    but the difference is striking

    end of history

its ok if you couldn't see it (23/08/13 01:03:54) Reply
    but for some reason and being a fool myself as i am i may have wrongly deduced that somebody here may need that kind of "help" from me, you know this is/used to be "for friends"..

    now the damage if any is done
    but now i am happy to see or believe that your doing well, without that kind of my "assistance" to you..

    enough from me really

in fact these guys are probably right a great deal.. (23/08/13 15:00:52) Reply
    being somewhat "offendable" myself i'm apt to miss the real point easily


    just.. what you didn't know, normally, is i too wanted myself to stop it (say i couldn't till some point) ..

    so i'll do it right now, greets.
me, 'converti'

I got no lols in response to the previous post, so for the too quick readers (23/08/13 16:19:44) Reply

    Fot the slow readers I have a second link - but it might be that dom, the strick censor in moral matters ;-)- might delete that one.

Re: I got no lols in response to the previous post, so for the too quick readers (23/08/13 19:28:54) Reply
    i didn't intend to make this qiuck a comeback, really, but thanks for being open minded or something, not "zealous" ;)

    getting more secular :) , 'to sow it' was no probs, for.. 'us', "chinese englishmans" :) , but, 'to eat it'?, you lost me, completely ;)

    anyway , dear friend(s), you should, *strike*, anything i ever said before..

    *your own reason* is the only tool to follow (forget about anything else)

    and, yes, love, to paraphrase faf

    we'll no doubt get 'what we deserve' so to speak, cos as it seems to me we are not the sole "doer" of "our" actions (nothing to do with "religious nuts" or the like, or anything, btw, imo)

    just don't take this tooo literally :)

uh, me

Re: I got no lols in response to the previous post, so for the too quick readers (25/08/13 20:17:40) Reply
    OK, give me thar second link please

Full links according to personal tastes (NSFW) (27/08/13 20:25:06) Reply


Sorry - it wasn't e, it was me. (n/t) (27/08/13 20:26:25) Reply

Re: was is jaleousy, bad mood or the technical part? (08/08/13 11:53:59) Reply
    Maybe a mix of all that makes me spurting such mean comments on your finely crafted work.

    I've downloaded yours pictures and watch them again and again and guess what?

    Even though the technical part still leaves me bored cold, they make me feel at peace and comfty looking through yours eyes.

    Peace bro'

hi, (03/08/13 09:34:15) Reply
    forseti :)


    You did it,
    stead of me,
    thanks :)

    Theres at least one thing worse, more fatal, than want to have the "last word",
    in-difference ;)

    martin l. king

    (its not bout being frackin black
    or wite
    or somthing you "cant" choose tobe

    nor is it being poor any prerequisite
    for anything, perse ;)

    comunizam, "real"one, is *least" about "economy" in fact

    unlike ,vulgar, this
    or that
    (is there any difference? :)

    Nice, great, pics

    (No-body can decorate it like that!
    thanks Mu...!!!)

    the smaller the more perfect,

    can we

    'reproduce' ;

    +forseti ,
    sorry about that firstish post of mine here ;)
    as you may remember,
    that one about 'compilers'
    (as we know its not necessary to "get" what we see ;)


    the long history of


    is by nomeans



Re: some recent photographs (05/08/13 04:06:26) Reply
    Lots of pictures. Too time-consuming for now (but glad you share them, anyway).
    I'll try to have a look at them as soon as the elections are over.

+forseti moon (07/08/13 01:05:38) Reply
    Just exceptional.

    The one with all the blue sky in it, and a bit of the trees.
    A beautiful blue like i never saw before.

    And the little bird on the roof. Beyond exceptional. Capturing loneliness is a trick. Yet this little bird is quite happy to be alone. Depth of focus. Yes.
    Depth of focus...

    The snow on the logs. At twilight. Or is it dawn? A lonely place again. But a party behind closed doors? Who would know? Mystery is the key here.

    Just for the record. A most beautiful shot. If this was porn, it would be the money shot. Depth of focus, depth of field, both are represented here. And a bit more that words can not say. Probably the most accomplished of all. A masterpiece in its own right.

    And finally, you leave us with, the +forseti moon.

    You have outdone yourself here, meister.

    I have no more words, other than the few I have given.


    with love.

moonsick?  (14/08/13 17:00:09) Reply

Re: moonsick?  (15/08/13 01:58:32) Reply
    I like it.

    I can get a kind of discourse here that can be found no where else.

    And no matter how much of myself I give, it shall always be repaid one way or another.

    I can tell my mother before I die that my time on earth was not wasted.

    It's good to be alive and feel the flow of others...



Re: Re: moonsick?  (15/08/13 16:56:36) Reply
    This summer, on the way from Cornwall to Winchester, we passed Stonehenge on the way. (We didn't stop).

    Crazy or not: "the magic lingers round you still"

Re: Re: Re: moonsick?  (15/08/13 23:38:21) Reply
    Oh you should have given me a call.

    seems so crazy to be so close yet so far away.

    I suppose you have your reasons.

    It would have been nice for me to cook some food and show you some of the local beers.

    oh well.


    Maybe next time eh.

    I will think of this when I go to live in europe in the next months.
    Small world and all..

Re: Re: Re: Re: moonsick?  (21/08/13 20:20:23) Reply
    This time I was fully booked - so no chance. Next time I may be without a schedule, just loafing around. Is your Brussels mobile number still good? (mine is).

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: moonsick?  (21/08/13 22:06:54) Reply
    No, no good no more.

    But now I know yours is..

    eh eh...


Re: ex-changes (18/08/13 06:47:57) Reply
    You here
    Me there *

    Sans rancune?

    * full screen, right arrow to go down

Re: Re: ex-changes (21/08/13 16:57:39) Reply
    Faf - the constructor. Thanks for the look.

Re: Re: Re: ex-changes (22/08/13 15:32:28) Reply
    Two months to go ...

Re: Re: Re: Re: ex-changes (22/08/13 19:56:24) Reply
    Sounds like an invitation to a cyberparty. Time-zone adjusted lifting of glasses.

    And a meeting in the pub with the green cross the following day.

come again

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