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Re: Economic power holders (31/07/13 18:50:10)
    Dear e , you're right about politicals and marketing comparison but I'd refer to political parties rather than movements. Althought that i called economic power holders is still valid even more when you refer to lobbies behind a political party or more than one, pretendind to be opponents, in pursuing their often not legit targets (that is .in my humble opinion, and not stating something absolute like correctness or not about opinions - in opinions' world each of them is valid and worth of respect if comes with senseful argumentations). About billionaire funding politics not a society's political project, that's true, the reasons are the same just stated above. Poor donors are not much the reason is simple : how can you fund something anything when you have nothing ? neither a little piece of food to feed yourself or your family ? No one can prevent sick deviations of part from society even in a well projected and formally perfect designed one,overtakes another one. Communist system failed, capitalistic one is after it , what's next to build ? if the main goal is to keep prisoner people in their poor life conditions any will meet the defeat. I have no made ready recipes, no historical examples to show at the moment, because we were discussing about something new and more evoluted, that comes from people - owned in their spirit - and for people , evolving from past's mistakens, and offering new conscience methods, discouraging egoistic behaviurs , punishing corruption in heavy ways, because that represents the steal of future and the death of society. About your subject: "burning instead of building" , i may say when you can choose between losing your life or cutting your ill leg, someone would choose the second one - don't get shocked please :) - an old and about to fall tree needs to be cut , burned and in its place to be plant a new but this time we should more careful about its growth because from it'll depend also the one of our kids.

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Re: Economic power holders