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moon (03/08/13 21:13:44)
    The moon is spectacularly hard to shoot, took me about 30 shots to get that one... all manual. I would guess a real correction would be close to -2EV to get the moon right. The meter on my sony often overexposes a bit, but is at least consistently overoptimistic & so I can set the shutter speed to suit. The continuous aperture on the lens is a real help when the choice between manual shutter speeds is too wide.

    Often I use the meter as a rough guide to get me in range & then take multiple exposures @ different speeds to look at later in optics pro. always best to underexpose, as with raw manipulation there is a huge range of exposure latitude but of course no room for correction in overexposure clipping.

    Also, there is a lot of digital processing to finesse the final image. RAW noise reduction, exposure, lens & sensor corrections with Dx0 Optics Pro, exposure & further color in Photoshop etc. One thing to note, the large format lenses are so superb ( and inexpensive ) that no chromatic aberration correction or sharpening is used & this makes a huge difference in the final image tones.

    A similar setup would be a sinar p combined with a fujifilm EX-1 with a Schneider APO Symmar MC. This would produce spectacular results for about $1200 or slightly less than a fast f2.8 dslr telephoto :) crap for photographing animals or racing cars, though... unless one did tilt-shift video :)

    I will probably get a fujifilm xe-1 or perhaps an x-pro2 when it arrives. the x series are perhaps the best affordable cameras yet. their color & clarity are amazing. Only the Nikon D800E & medium format backs are better...

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