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+forseti moon (07/08/13 01:05:38)
    Just exceptional.

    The one with all the blue sky in it, and a bit of the trees.
    A beautiful blue like i never saw before.

    And the little bird on the roof. Beyond exceptional. Capturing loneliness is a trick. Yet this little bird is quite happy to be alone. Depth of focus. Yes.
    Depth of focus...

    The snow on the logs. At twilight. Or is it dawn? A lonely place again. But a party behind closed doors? Who would know? Mystery is the key here.

    Just for the record. A most beautiful shot. If this was porn, it would be the money shot. Depth of focus, depth of field, both are represented here. And a bit more that words can not say. Probably the most accomplished of all. A masterpiece in its own right.

    And finally, you leave us with, the +forseti moon.

    You have outdone yourself here, meister.

    I have no more words, other than the few I have given.


    with love.

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+forseti moon