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Nice to download some tools... (30/03/13 01:40:54) Reply
    Sorry to see the end of an era.

    Very sorry.

    But enough of all that.

    Nice to download some of the tools I didn't have.
    Got them all pretty much now.

    Interesting seeing the difference between the mirrors.


    I do what I want.
    Every day.

    From Berlin.

    Still going through the old CDs from Israel.
    And the cobwebs in my mind.

    Don't mind me.
    Carry on.

    eh eh and laugh out loud.


Re: Nice to download some tools... (02/04/13 18:44:41) Reply
    If I were an avantgarde musician or painter, I would already be living in Berlin.

    Boring old grandfathers may come to Berlin for visits. So there might be an opportunity for a beer.

    Lots of worthy places for it.

Re: Re: Nice to download some tools... (10/04/13 11:41:15) Reply
    Drop me a mail if you plan to visit Berlin; I might well be able to join you.

come again

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