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is this the new searchlores seekers messageboard? (04/07/13 11:59:33) Reply
    is this the new searchlores seekers messageboard?

Re: is this the new searchlores seekers messageboard? (04/07/13 17:43:59) Reply
    it's not.

    (probably we could express ourselves more differently, if not better)

Re: Re: is this the new searchlores seekers messageboard? (04/07/13 18:13:54) Reply
    what about viewing web content, offline, in chrome? ;)
by the way, chromedome

Re: Re: Re: is this the new searchlores seekers messageboard? (11/07/13 00:37:10) Reply
    The new searchlores messageboard was attempted to start here:


    It just needs people!

Re: Re: Re: Re: is this the new searchlores seekers messageboard? (12/07/13 19:57:07) Reply
    sometimes strong memories alone, of something, may or will suffice

    (it's never too little what is enough ;)
hi mhyst :)

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: is this the new searchlores seekers messageboard? (24/07/13 10:20:31) Reply
    Hi there! Longing to share with fravia+'s fellowers and friends,thanks whose my and many others' view deeply changed about Net and reality paths.Alas,new site and messageboard look full spammed by idiot clowns. Let's put garbage out from both and continue this amazing voyager together thru the unknown tela secrets still waiting for us. :)


I suppose (25/07/13 17:08:51) Reply
    the worst problem is time. Many years have passed, and the protection crackers of that generation have grown up and have families and are pressed for time and are more socially vulnerable.

    The new generation doesn't seem to be interested. Commercialisation has won. Either the remnants of the movement after Fravia will have to rearrange and redirect its workings - or it will join DEC or Gem or Alltheweb: A fond memory of possibilities that for some reason - maybe unfair competition - didn't make it through.

    My contribution? I buy AMD whenever I can.

Re: I suppose (25/07/13 19:34:07) Reply
    yes time's worst man's enemy but also unified and cloned minds are even more bad especially when those are focused and drives upon consuming whatever , whenever and wherever you.That's not just a marketing fight against who wants to sell you something but against who wants to steal you not only money but also your free thinking, your future and even the air you're breathing.I am a pessimistic person too tho there's nothing definitely static in the universe whatever now seems hard as stone tomorrow we'll be just dust and sand. Original works and thoughts from fravia, fellowers and friends are still actual ones just need a bit refresh and move shining cover like bited fruits devices to catch youngers attention...war is far from end and we not so close to be defeated .

Re: Re: I suppose (25/07/13 19:38:02) Reply
    Please forgive my broken post...just to close the before one with this:

    Man truly achieves his full human condition when he produces without being compelled by the physical necessity of selling himself as a commodity.

Re: Re: Re: I suppose (25/07/13 20:08:21) Reply
    I use to say that my personal contribution - @work and a few places in society - is to keep that tiny candle burning. I'm too small to contribute something big - but if I'm lucky, I can help the next generation to avoid having to reinvent light.

    But who in Southern Europe can avoid thinking about the unemployment figures? Would Fravia's oppositional thinking be of any use to alleviate the damage done by governments and big banks?

Re: Re: Re: Re: I suppose (25/07/13 21:40:05) Reply
    yes it would help a lot thinking in different ways and look at different directions, a just tiny example would be starting to think that nothing is unavoidable and there's always a solution , more than two ones , billions i'd say as much the stars in the sky , and sand in the beaches but that depends on how many free people there's around. Liberty and freedom are first mind aspects of reality, also in chains you can evade mentally then physically. What im saying is that nowadays kids are the designed victims of a project that wants them free just to buy anything the commercials chose for them, that nasty project started alredy from kindergarten and go further thru all levels schools. So TINA (ThereIsNoAlternative) is a bitch, viva Tamara ! (There are millions alternatives right away). Banks as commercials idiots relay on rapid and not well thought actions then lets think twice and more before choose a loan, a product , and still an alternative lets think to different ways to employe our money more productive ways. A drop in the ocean, my words , and our actions but when it's angry ocean and tsunami do damages.

    There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: I suppose (28/07/13 16:02:42) Reply
    (I feel like some Treebeard)
    We have seen some recent revolutions: Tunisia, Libya, Egypt - throwing out some old masters and replacing them with others - but with no improvement in freedoms or living conditions - or?
    We've seen the collapse of economies owing to fraudulent banks and corrupt politicians - and what is done with the knowledge? AFAICS nothing.

    Different realities are built slowly - straw on straw - starting with patient people with no personal ambitions (because personal ambitions always would lead to impatience and destruction of the movement).

    So IMHO it will all have to be started with small candles and single straws - and those will have to be kept apart.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: I suppose (29/07/13 10:54:26) Reply
    People should learn to organize themselves in order to obtain real freedom, that is for sure a slow change in everyone's mind but once achieved we shouldn't never come back to past rather remembering and recall it to ourselves and to our kids so never fall down again in same mistakens.

    "In capitalist society individuals are controlled by a pitiless law usually beyond their comprehension."

    "Imperialism has been defeated in many partial battles. But it remains a considerable force in the world, and we cannot expect its final defeat save through effort and sacrifice on the part of us all."

    "The university cannot be an ivory tower, far away from the society, removed from the practical accomplishments of the Revolution. If such an attitude is maintained, the university will continue giving our society lawyers that we do not need."

    "Man still needs to undergo a complete spiritual rebirth in his attitude towards his work, freed from the direct pressure of his social environment, though linked to it by his new habits."

    "The revolution is made through man, but man must forge his revolutionary spirit day by day."

    "The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall."

    "The ultimate and most important revolutionary aspiration: to see human beings liberated from their alienation."

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: I suppose (29/07/13 14:31:48) Reply
    'professional revolutionaries' are still nothing new under the sun ;)
just a word of "caution"

Burning instead of building - AFAICS (29/07/13 15:19:21) Reply
    "In capitalist society individuals are controlled by a pitiless law usually beyond their comprehension."

    Indeed. In a revolutionary society, on the other hand, the individuals are controlled by pitiless dictators who all are above the law.

    We've seen it - in the Russian national socialism, the German national socialism, the Chinese national socialism, the Cambodian national socialism: The rulers rule. The individuals are nothing.

    Putting power in the hands of revolutionaries is no solution for the better, only for the worse.

Re: Burning instead of building - AFAICS (29/07/13 19:34:50) Reply
    There's no revolution society , that's a nonsense affirmation. Revolution should be a just a stage, a step , in the process to change and transform society and in something better for everyone , that's not social or communism , just realizing who human beings are and what wonderful things can do together . So please don't jump into wrong conclusions because my quotes ( intelligenti pauca)

    Economic power holders are more silent killers notwithstanding less cruel and bloodthirsty and who put warnings and "word of cautions" maybe he's one that loves the status quo and take advantage from it or maybe a coward that in his comfy life never dared to risk for his kids , his country nor for just himself.
    Sometimes you should be like Ulysse.


Economic power holders (29/07/13 21:34:26) Reply
    Some simplification is necessary to grasp the situation. The ultimate simplification is undistinguishable from slogans. In that respect political movements and marketing are disquietingly similar.

    So it is incorrect to speak of economic power holders like you do. The good forces will need immediate money for immediate uses but will also need to build and maintain sustainable economic activity. So there must be an alliance - from the very start, between politics and economics - and a noncorrupt one. It is easier to have money from a handful of billionaires than small money from 10 million poor donors.

    Revolution as a transition? Revolutionaries who will give up power when they have won it? Please give me a handful of historical examples.

    Building a stable system on the destruction of the old one is a long and painful process. How will you prevent corruption in a revolution if you haven't built noncorrupt structures before the revolution? How will you prevent the people electing new Hitlers or Mursis or Khomeinis?

Re: Economic power holders (31/07/13 18:50:10) Reply
    Dear e , you're right about politicals and marketing comparison but I'd refer to political parties rather than movements. Althought that i called economic power holders is still valid even more when you refer to lobbies behind a political party or more than one, pretendind to be opponents, in pursuing their often not legit targets (that is .in my humble opinion, and not stating something absolute like correctness or not about opinions - in opinions' world each of them is valid and worth of respect if comes with senseful argumentations). About billionaire funding politics not a society's political project, that's true, the reasons are the same just stated above. Poor donors are not much the reason is simple : how can you fund something anything when you have nothing ? neither a little piece of food to feed yourself or your family ? No one can prevent sick deviations of part from society even in a well projected and formally perfect designed one,overtakes another one. Communist system failed, capitalistic one is after it , what's next to build ? if the main goal is to keep prisoner people in their poor life conditions any will meet the defeat. I have no made ready recipes, no historical examples to show at the moment, because we were discussing about something new and more evoluted, that comes from people - owned in their spirit - and for people , evolving from past's mistakens, and offering new conscience methods, discouraging egoistic behaviurs , punishing corruption in heavy ways, because that represents the steal of future and the death of society. About your subject: "burning instead of building" , i may say when you can choose between losing your life or cutting your ill leg, someone would choose the second one - don't get shocked please :) - an old and about to fall tree needs to be cut , burned and in its place to be plant a new but this time we should more careful about its growth because from it'll depend also the one of our kids.

maybe a coward, big one (30/07/13 00:33:38) Reply
    and maybe a one who just hasn't realized revolution 'in his own self first' ;)
last word of "caution"

but, yea (30/07/13 00:59:22) Reply
last word of "caution"

we, don't think, for a single moment (30/07/13 13:57:57) Reply
    that we took anything down



    we can't even try

    until we


    and formost

    realise it,

    to paraphrase...

final, word

still, a "dash" of self-cricticism, "marxist" one :) (30/07/13 16:15:38) Reply

    but the Cult and communism??

    that won't pass

    even with me

    (if I were "you", I mean ;)

    have they ever grown up btw? :)

    'beyond good and evil'

    sounds so enticing...

    (I've still never go for or listened to it)

    uh, reconciling the irreconcilable maybe...

    worse, I *may* even cross Marx Himself

    (who cares, not "my Karl M." ;)

    I'll have to choose...

    let it


    be -

    "communism" ;

    (Hey guys, now its up to you to put this thread or board back into its "normal" status quo, sorry

    again ;)
me to myself

Re: maybe a coward, big one (31/07/13 18:17:51) Reply
    yeah who's distributing rare perls of wisdom, caution tags and pure slogans ( it seems to hear the jingle : tubular xmas bells ) as sounds that last one from you.

Re: is this the new searchlores seekers messageboard? (20/08/13 20:13:42) Reply
    In fact, its you who may be in the right here,

    (heck, who *is* right... :)

    could be..

    may be..

    really is...

    myself, dont want to know, for real




come again

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