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About time we go over to ARM processors (13/01/18 01:53:24)

    Could be worse than the millenium bug. Seems like all those sci-fi authors weren't paranoid enough. Well on the other hand I always wanted to rule the Intel Management Engine. "If MEBx hasn't been configured by the user or by their organization's IT department, the attacker can log into the configuration settings using Intel's default password of "admin.” " Oh pleease can't you guys just fuck off? It's like you have all those responsible kinds at the agencies who tell the tech guys how important is a Trusted Platform, and then you have the guys from the nursery who do the programming. IT seems to be a stupid joke. I have a sister under 30. She got a MD as Network Engineer, was working a few years building the Internet, then decided that she don't care about machines and got another degree as a veterinarian. She cares about dogs and cats. Sounds like a sensible decision.
    It should really fuck up Intels stocks. Massive liability problem.

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About time we go over to ARM processors