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Re: The boiling frog (22/06/18 00:18:52)
    Not sure what particular church organization you are talking about, but Catholic church recognizes Evolution and Bing-bang theory (no need to remind you who certain Georges Lemaître was himself?) since at least 2014:

    Now, numerous run-of-the-mill neoprotestant obscurantists from USA (baptists, methodists, pentecostals - "legion is their name") are a different story, but they cannot make peace between themselves and split and proliferate their isolationists sects, like cancer, into eternity. So I would not be afraid of these critters taking over for real anytime soon.

    What worries me much more, are liberal soZIalists, they are reaching out towards Math (and STEM in general):

    Another thing to worry about for remaining Caucasoid Europeans, would be Sharia Law interpretation of Evolution:

    As for Chinese, they might simply take you by numbers, what will you offer in response - illegal Arabs offspring? Very funny.

    P.S. Darwin himself was a practicing Anglican Christian (and turning into Agnostic closer to the end of his life).

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Re: The boiling frog