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About time we go over to ARM processors (13/01/18 01:53:24) Reply

    Could be worse than the millenium bug. Seems like all those sci-fi authors weren't paranoid enough. Well on the other hand I always wanted to rule the Intel Management Engine. "If MEBx hasn't been configured by the user or by their organization's IT department, the attacker can log into the configuration settings using Intel's default password of "admin.” " Oh pleease can't you guys just fuck off? It's like you have all those responsible kinds at the agencies who tell the tech guys how important is a Trusted Platform, and then you have the guys from the nursery who do the programming. IT seems to be a stupid joke. I have a sister under 30. She got a MD as Network Engineer, was working a few years building the Internet, then decided that she don't care about machines and got another degree as a veterinarian. She cares about dogs and cats. Sounds like a sensible decision.
    It should really fuck up Intels stocks. Massive liability problem.

Re: About time we go over to ARM processors (13/01/18 17:39:06) Reply
    If you are a data centre professional, I suppose all you need is already on the market. We home users avoid Intel too and build AMD-powered machines. ASUS, MSI and Gigabyte are our friends. Now, with the rollout of Ryzen processors, it finally seems that we can have decently powerful AMD-driven laptop conmputers too. Hopefully they will be affordable for private persons too.

Re: Re: About time we go over to ARM processors (18/01/18 21:01:40) Reply
    arm, leg, butt, doesnot matter. why bother with hw, Sooner or later there is software running on top of it, and that is a lot easier to atta***, eh, **use.


Re: Re: Re: About time we go over to ARM processors (19/01/18 10:26:45) Reply
    Interesting link. Thanks.

    In all good medicine there is a lot of of trust involved. The good doctor and the good patient are honest (always, except when there is a good medical reason for misinforming the patient - here is where the art aspect comes in) and hard working (when necessary).

    Medical devices can be sabotaged no doubt, and sabotage or plain mistakes can kill or injure the patient. But prescribing the wrong drug, or taking the wrong pills or the wrong dosage, can also kill or maim the patient. Being sick is risky - because of the disease itself, and additionally because of the treatment. Surgery is the most obvious example. Surgical technique is a lot about minimising risk.

    Cooking too is about trust.

    "Mithridates then took out some poison that he always carried next to his sword, and mixed it. There two of his daughters, who were still girls growing up together, named Mithridates and Nysa, who had been betrothed to the kings of [Ptolemaic] Egypt and of Cyprus, asked him to let them have some of the poison first, and insisted strenuously and prevented him from drinking it until they had taken some and swallowed it. The drug took effect on them at once; but upon Mithridates, although he walked around rapidly to hasten its action, it had no effect, because he had accustomed himself to other drugs by continually trying them as a means of protection against poisoners. These are still called the Mithridatic drugs." (Wikipedia)

    If software manipulation really does become a widespread cause of death there might be a subdiscipline of forensic medicine - medical device computer forensics, to look for traces of software manipulation in the implanted device (think Stuxnet). If there are no suspected murders, I'd say this is mainly FUD. I think poisoning by syringe and injection needle is more common.

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