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some music (17/01/18 11:39:38) Reply
    cinematic orchestra - to build a home


    when working on music, I play this one for inspiration and just because it's so lushly beautiful...



Re: some music (19/01/18 08:51:49) Reply
    Beautiful, but it is explicit. I feel it is intrusive, and to me it is unbearable. It weighs me down, but it does not lift me up again.


    (Soft Machine - Out of Season)

    This one I can take. It goes round and round, but scales the instrumentation from quietness up to screaming and then down again into quietness. It is purely instrumental, so it is open to interpretation, and it does not penetrate so deep. It permits moodiness, but it points to a future when the moodiness has paled.

Re: Re: some music (01/02/18 02:55:03) Reply
    Out of Season is quite beautiful, I went and bought the CD during listening to it.

    Life is quite short, don't put anything off if you can help it.

    I can hear so much of the next 20 years in Soft Machine's tunes...

    I might have posted a warning about the cinematic orchestra song, it is quite powerful, apologies

    here's another that's not quite so somber


    The eurovision performance is great, but sound is not.

    I've been quite taken with instrumentals in the last few years, listening to the mantovani orchestra, ferrante & teicher, paul mauriat et alia


    I'm a sucker for melody, it's quite an experience.

    there is millions of years of evolution at work in our listenings and tastings, co-evolution of plants and foods and animals sounds and smells and such

    oh and the speed of light is apparently not the limit, the frequency is:


Music (03/02/18 20:09:41) Reply
    Thanks for the tired light link.

    For melody, I think there is hardly anyone surpassing Edvard Grieg. His 175th birthday is June 15th, and the NRK is going to send a 30-hour non stop concert of all his works. This is the latest idea in the series of sakte-TV (slow TV). There have been some quite spectacular events in that series. I'll tell more if someone asks 8-)


Re: Music (09/02/18 04:42:09) Reply
    love grieg, some of my favorite recordings and works ever

    so many composers have lifted grieg almost note for note into soundtracks and songs

    early baroque has captured my heart for a while now: marin marais, couperin, lully, telemann et cetera - just haunting, and the viola di gamba and theorbo are some of my favorite instruments, if I were 20 years younger I'd consider attempting the viola, alas for now I'm left with


come again

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