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the grey (movie) (06/07/14 20:03:34) Reply
    Once more into the fray...
    Into the last good fight I'll ever know.
    Live and die on this day...
    Live and die on this day...

    i appreciated a lot this movie.


Re: the grey (movie) (07/07/14 09:21:22) Reply
    thanks very much, over again, to you (and all others here) for
    dissolving all the shit/"stink" around ;)

    (if "your" coming from say jupiter, then theres no "seven days" in a week, btw :)

just to spare you sum time (08/07/14 19:29:56) Reply

    (you may need to 'hide the adds' and resize twice or so for this, though ;)

Re: just to spare you sum time (08/07/14 20:13:12) Reply
    english subs, if needed, at

    (theres a 20-25 or so seconds delay here btw)

though, youd agree ;) , a film like a film.. (08/07/14 20:29:25) Reply
    what about men haunting wolves, tigers..

    call it sports (Shaw, G.B. :)

    but thanks very much again, anyway! :)

the wolfman (08/07/14 21:04:35) Reply
a documentary

Re: the wolfman (08/07/14 21:24:25) Reply
    personally "don't like" them very much

    (except while they're very young and little :))
a documentary

Re: Re: the wolfman (09/07/14 14:28:56) Reply
    But it's not clear (to me at least) whether he actually brought each one of them up (as 'mates') or not..
    I mean, depending on that and whether they already know you or not, their behavior (toward man) in the open may really not be in accordance with his presentation of them as being mostly "shy", don't know..
a documentary

satanic.versus. (06/09/14 11:34:44) Reply
    (what an album art btw)

    anyway, we still don't think that it's wolves that live "for the moment."

    it's (some) people who do.
    (for many of these, great ones :)

    we don't blame wolves here, no
    more than they are due to be.

    sometime, he made a mistake
    (hence those scares probably)

    but was it the only one,
    spending all the life..

    fcuk it.

    heres the wolf

    (look out :)
devil in plaid dress

Re: satanic.verses. (07/09/14 15:28:16) Reply
    It could be the right time for reading the book.

    In 1974 Life of Brian was banned in Norway because the church accused it of being blasphemous. A few months ago it was hailed, by the same church, as a movie showing the true spirit of christianity. (I've written about it before: The Swedes advertised the movie creatively: So funny that it's been banned in Norway.)

    Could something similar happen to Rushdie's book?

Re: Re: satanic.verses. (08/09/14 09:12:12) Reply
    Thanks for your interest, e.
    (Also, thanks for you correcting my, say, lapsus calami above ;)

    Your shift here is awesome, that's all we know.
    (I mean the people involved may see my real point here)

    Thanks again anyway,
    Looking forward...

as above

Re: Re: satanic.verses. (08/09/14 20:32:24) Reply
    seems like, in some respects, no[r]way is light-years behind my own country which of course idolizes no[r]way.
    despite the fact we have ten times more religious lunatics.
    say, is oslo still standing? i hear its not really a place but just a concept.
    maybe even a figment of some peoples imagination... or imitation...


    free as a can be. or as i ever will be. besides the the ole us of a.


    shitty book imo.

Re: Re: Re: satanic.verses. (09/09/14 13:30:11) Reply
    it may all feel.. fine and dandy
    (only) until..
    we do feel that Somebody, or Something, (who we care/d for)
    as missing...



Re: Re: Re: Re: satanic.verses. (09/09/14 14:29:24) Reply
    but it's not a fucking question of.. god, religion, noreligion, whotevr..


    it is, as we feel it,

    even scarier. :)


but, in essence, its just a question of resigning from IT, (09/09/14 14:55:00) Reply
    or maybe not ;)

    (tomuch from me anyway so.. :)

Re: Re: Re: satanic.verses. (09/09/14 19:16:53) Reply
    1974 was a long time ago. Yikes - it's 40 years.

    Oslo I know nothing about although I've been living here for 30 years. I'm sure it isn't just a virtual place.

    And it's rather peaceful even though there are places where girls don't want to go in the dark and other places where other girls are harrassed by male chauvinist muslim geezers if they are not dressed like the wives and daughters of violent hypocritical muslim nuts.

    I think we will get by, and the girls will eventually defeat the beardos.

tranquillitas non libertas  (20/09/14 16:00:03) Reply
    the sharp tongue of tacitus i believe. i hope you know the context... funny how google knows nothing about this.


    i should probably stop here but my tongue itches and i have received the precious gift of spare time.
    its like spare/loose change.
    when you walk alone at night it makes an unbearable noise, but when you walk into a crowd...


    judging by your own definition of peace, that you exposed in several older threads, is highly incompatible with freedom.

    again, as you yourself have stated before, peace requires a selective and willful amnesia.
    but since its not a real amnesia, forgiveness must soon follow.
    or was it forgiveness first and then forgetfulness?
    it doesnt really matter imo.

    also, it seems to me that you view peace as goal in itself and not a byproduct with varying degrees of magnitude and quality.
    this trend seem like a reaction to the atrocities of 2 WW. but maybe im over simplifying things. perhaps its a reaction to the discomfort of reading european history in general...


    "So that's your bad news?"
    "No." White shook his flowing, fiery mane. "Our enemy is something vaster and more
    vicious than the Triplanet Powers. And the weapon against us is something more deadly than
    any mass-converter. It is pure benevolence."
    Forester sat hunched and shuddering.

    an old piece of crappy sci-fi. http://vedanta.eu/tmp/Williamson,_Jack_-_The-Humanoids.pdf


    the post had quite a "bit" more, but i decided to bury it. for now at least.
    ill leave you to your 40 years old amnesia if you so choose, i have no invested interest to _forcefully_ wake you up to reality...

    ill leave you with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsKpazeA5L8


Re: tranquillitas non libertas  (21/09/14 14:57:09) Reply
    You'r really, Really, One Great Player, here, too :)
if it makes any difference.. :)

to whom it may apply  (08/10/14 18:54:18) Reply
    (not meddling here, rather, to cite illbran, "i know i am sad"...)

    From http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Talk:you_people :

    I hear stereotyping in the assumption and the accusation, but in no case does "you people" sound the least bit offensive. If you change the subject in both of those examples to "you fellows" or "African-Americans" or "black people" or "nonwhites" or any other term, it comes out the same. It’s the accusation or the assumption that is offensive, not the "you people".
    I didn’t see anything at all in those citations to indicate that you people is in any way derogatory or offensive. The offense was in addressing and labeling an entire class of people. As I said before, you can replace "you people" with almost any term or phrase to address almost any large class, including: you guys, you Italians, you Canadians, you Southerners, you Yanks, you Brits, you Continentals, you Asians, you Koreans, you New Yorkers, you actors, you waiters, you gays, you blue-collar workers, you investment brokers, you lawyers, you politicians. Just about the only time you can get away with pidgeon-holing or labeling an entire class of people is when men do it to women, or women do it to men...and that’s because men and women are innately attracted to one another, and so the labeling is often seen as humorous and all in good fun. There is nothing wrong with the term you people, it’s only the act of labeling a class of people, and any other term will work the same way.

    In fact even the terms that we may feel to be consummately insulting can be used as compliment, depending on the context or something (you one bad motherfucker!:)

    Whats more disturbing imo is how triple-faced people can get about these matters, like in war times, once alleged offence "you or we people.." becomes a war cry par excellence.

    Greets :)
"you people"

Re: Re: tranquillitas non libertas  (10/10/14 09:06:40) Reply
    (Some of) "You Southerners" are aka - the Best People in the World!

    The rest of us are just a bunch of bloody fuckers anyway, really :)


i mean, come onnn, why bother ;)

Re: Re: Re: tranquillitas non libertas  (10/10/14 11:28:33) Reply

    So please try to not misread me/my intention above!

    Thank you! :)
i meant it for the best

Re: tranquillitas non libertas  (21/09/14 18:52:28) Reply
    Because I'm a simple layman, I don't need to have the ready-made solve-it-all. There are enough people around with such aspirations - and I sometimes feel that the real problem is exactly there.

    One of the elements of peace as I experience it now, is having the time and opportunity to enjoy this season's vegetables in my own home - it need not be more sophisticated than potatoes (so it isn't a question of wealth) - without having to be looking over my shoulder for muggers or assassins or having to watch my steps for explosives or having to be aware of the whereabouts of the nearest air raid shelter.

    Freedom? Some people seem to think that it is the freedom to becoming a powerful politician. Ruling the world. Feynman said it in an entirely different context: There's plenty of tyranny at the top, and plenty of room at the bottom.

    I'll stay with my potatoes.

Re: Re: tranquillitas non libertas  (21/09/14 19:44:41) Reply
    no idea about this ready-made solve-it-all or politics or wealth...

    perhaps youll be surprised to know that i too tend to my garden (and yes - potatoes too).
    in fact, i believe it is the supreme act of freedom, and most importantly - free will (if you will ;))

    as for assassins and the whereabouts of the nearest air raid shelter, well...
    i do not _worry_ about those at all, these are just details i have to memorize and things to watch out for.
    much like being careful of chaetopelma olivaceum while tending to my garden.
    part of being alive and staying alive.
    i see no difference there. perhaps you can enlighten me.
    extending the thought further, i would say that peace is more of a state of mind than a state of affairs.
    same with freedom, only with one big exception.

    i see no point in your reply, as it seems to me that you brushed away your own past arguments and wiggled out of what could have turned out to be an interesting discussion.
    sorry to have bothered you with your own contradictions.
    40 years amnesia it is then.
    the beardos may lose and the girls may win, but i do hope you have a good high electric fence.
    it will come in handy since you forgot to watch your back.
    much like freedom, peace has a price. the difference is in the fence.
    dont underestimate the girls...


Re: Re: Re: tranquillitas non libertas  (21/09/14 20:27:33) Reply
    "much like freedom, peace has a price"

    ja, maybe. This is told us as the reason for the Bundeswehr to be in:

    Afghanistan (ISAF)
    Kosovo (KFOR)
    Horn von Afrika (Atalanta)
    Küste des Libanon (UNIFIL)
    Türkei (Active Fence Turkey)
    Mali (EUTM Mali)
    Mali (MINUSMA)
    Zentralafrikanische Republik (EUFOR RCA)
    Somalia (EUTM SOM)
    Sudan (UNAMID)
    Südsudan (UNMISS)
    Afghanistan (UNAMA)
    Westsahara (MINURSO)
    Horn von Afrika (EUCAP Nestor)

    the peace, hmm, and for the freedom BKA, BND, BVS & MAD working together with NSA & GCHW, yes i see the whole picture. All to defend us for, eh, us?
    Why keeping alive this crazy IS, when the US or GB or France & other nations can solve the problem alone. Maybe to ..., or maybe not, idk

Re: Re: Re: Re: tranquillitas non libertas  (21/09/14 21:25:27) Reply
    all those abbreviations/acronyms... arent they refugees themselves now? ;)

    12:12 here. almost ready to call it a day.
    but i just need to point out something that you perhaps didnt notice.
    the original point was rushdie, monty python and religious loonies.
    as such my comments did not address foreign policy but interior...
    more precisely, if one read between the lines, it would be obvious that the question is, what is a free country for its own citizens?
    to this, and to my understanding, e plainly decided that a peaceful country is preferable e basta.
    id like to believe that since, oh i donno, etienne marcel for example, europe fought for freedom and not for peace. it echoes the tacitus quote.
    we could have discussed about the nature of freedom and how it can be poorly understood.
    more interestingly, we could have discussed about how this "anything for peace" type of attitude is what is making some parts of the world rot. imo, including yours. again, thats not new. the romans learned their lesson i believe ;)
    ill stop by on saturday to check out the flames and such ;)

    it would seem that in the case of etienne marcel,and since then, both france and the english didnt manage for themselves. they didnt have any acronyms back then either... no usa either i think... ;)

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: tranquillitas non libertas  (23/09/14 20:56:01) Reply
    let's split the thingk:

    "much like freedom, peace has a price"

    ja, maybe. This is told us as the reason for the Bundeswehr to be in:

    Afghanistan (ISAF)
    Kosovo (KFOR)
    Horn von Afrika (Atalanta)
    Küste des Libanon (UNIFIL)
    Türkei (Active Fence Turkey)
    Mali (EUTM Mali)
    Mali (MINUSMA)
    Zentralafrikanische Republik (EUFOR RCA)
    Somalia (EUTM SOM)
    Sudan (UNAMID)
    Südsudan (UNMISS)
    Afghanistan (UNAMA)
    Westsahara (MINURSO)
    Horn von Afrika (EUCAP Nestor)

    israel is defending it's inhabitants, .de surely not. we've no daily rockets here. The price of peace & the list above?
    At least feels a little bit wrong...

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: tranquillitas non libertas  (26/09/14 19:59:25) Reply
    lets not.
    my 2 posts/answers above still stand.
    you are extending the scope of the discussion and divert it to your own comfort zone[s]. (or the silence of the Es ;))
    i think i have been quite un-obtuse in my posts above. maybe i hit a nerve. or maybe just some historical knowledge lacunae. perhaps more like a discontinuity in the historical records... *shrug* i donnow. dont really care.

    at any rate, wish you (and e) all the best in the long winter to come.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: tranquillitas non libertas  (30/09/14 19:54:17) Reply
    I see that I have failed yet another history and politics exam, so the wars will continue. But my failures are nothing compared to those of the hardliners - those of the vendetta cyclists of the South and East. Fighting for peace? Peace is unobtainable if "peace" is just a skin for "my rule", and "my rule" is just me taking advantage of my power. Armament circles are decreasing stability, and violence circles are leading to more bloodshed. No fighting for freedom. No fighting for peace. It's just fighting for the old boss or the new boss, and it's hard to see the difference.

    You Southerners think far too much about history and old grievances. The only thing that can save you is collective amnesia - both in you and in your enemies. Revenge must not take more violent forms than neighbour jokes and football matches - once someone seizes a gun and isn't stopped by family, friends, neighbours and polics, there can be no peace.

    It's discipline. Nonviolent discipline. Laws against violence. So something has to be done with those violent religions. Redact away the violence. Give the Koran and Bible to Disney and put music to it. Or scramble a Monty Python #2. Life of Brian was about Christianity. Now try once more with The Merchant From Mecca Meets The Reed Boy.

    And let the film set be protected by old-fashioned Amazons: one-breasted girls with guns.

who? (08/10/14 09:23:47) Reply
    your post is blurry... vague... non consistent with above posts...
    you contradict yourself quite a bit here.
    but if it doesnt bother you, why would it bother me. shrug. after all, im not here to give history lessons and there are no exams either.
    i was under the impression this is a discussion. i stand corrected.
    i will just say this:
    if you cast me in the "You Southerners" group again, then indeed be prepared to receive a long rant about: memory vs amnesia, guilt vs responsibility, forgiveness vs reparations.
    just for starters. so we can differentiate between us southerners and and the rest.
    as a result, be prepared to find yourself cast into a certain group you may not feel comfortable in.
    your amnesia, is a good way to escape responsibility. reminds me of a few things, one being http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fritz_Haber
    your proposed amnesia implies quite a few things you may not like. and its not disney either.
    i guess europe has always hovered between a desire to forget the nasty past yet preserve the very basis of modern society.
    quite a burden. imvho, someone must carry this cross ;)

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: tranquillitas non libertas  (08/10/14 20:24:35) Reply
    you tend to argue ad hominem, i will surely not follow you here.
    The list of the three letters agencies was there to show up only the number of organisations, beeing concerned about our security. And, thanks to IS, they are doing a big show, how good they work and what they know:
    400 Salafists from .de in syria fighting,25% with whatever kind of graduation,6% with a training, 12% with a job, in a low-pay sector of course.
    That's all? The reason to monitor all of our communication? If you see videos of those (including the .de converted), you may guess this in some seconds. They're unable to a form simple, short entence.
    So, to close the theme, i can't see, what army & angencies in .de do for peace & freedom

fides et libertas ;))) (10/10/14 18:27:38) Reply
    >> you tend to argue ad hominem, i will surely not follow you here.

    i fail to see where i had done so. please clue me in. im a little thick.

    >> The list of the three letters agencies was there to show up only the number of organisations, beeing concerned about our security.

    security. what is that? is it anything like peace or like freedom?

    >> And, thanks to IS, they are doing a big show, how good they work and what they know:

    you wont get any argument about these agencies from me. they mostly are redundant and quite silly. not all of them though, and not all their methods are breaching the sacred covenant between citizen and state.

    >> 400 Salafists from .de in syria fighting,25% with whatever kind of graduation,6% with a training, 12% with a job, in a low-pay sector of course.
    >> That's all? The reason to monitor all of our communication? If you see videos of those (including the .de converted), you may guess this in some seconds. They're unable to a form simple, short entence.

    sentence you mean. true, but they sure can chop. and so did al-qaeda. and so did a few other thugs not too long ago that managed to take over and destroy an entire country, their own country amongst "a few others".
    but lets not be nitpickers here...
    isis or is or whatever their name is, it has nothing to do with you or me dom. its a internal arab/islamic affair which they will have to deal with soon or later.
    still, as a hopeless nitpicker, i cant help but notice... seems strange to me that you are more bothered by their skills than by the fact that they are your citizens.
    this is the bit about responsibility (and freedom) thats slightly worries me.
    the context is the (sovereign)state, not the government (and its [misuse of] executive branches). i did not mention etienne marcel simply to impress.
    treason, imvho of course, is a crime against the state (and lets not even mention rechtsstaat and the various abuses of it)
    let me be more clear: when was it you started fearing your own government more than being worried by the condition of your own state?
    imo, more worrying is the fact that people seem to have forgotten that such an intangible thing as a state actually exists and represents something.
    but its no wonder in this cynical day and age when nothing has any real value.

    this link or mirrored here

    In Syria, some activists opened a Facebook page called “I’m a Muslim and I oppose IS.” Some Muslim communities in the Western world, meanwhile, launched a campaign declaring that Islamic State does not represent them. They organized an anti-hate day in Germany, a march in Norway, a Twitter campaign in England – all under the slogan “Not in my name.”

    why would any muslim feel the need to apologize?
    did anyone give him any reason to feel like dreyfus?
    did anyone made them feel marginalized?
    did anyone ask them to re-pledge their allegiance to the state on account of their religion?
    strange, i thought europe was beyond that step.

    This campaign was subject to a lot of criticism. Some Muslims said they don’t feel the need to apologize to the Western world, which believes IS represents Islam or Muslim society. It’s the Western world’s problem if that’s the way it views us, they argued, not ours.

    western world? what do they mean? that they arent part of the western world? but they are citizens of these respective countries are they not?
    in such case maybe a re-pledge is not a bad idea...

    In contrast, others claimed the slogan “Not in my name” shirks responsibility. How can we avoid responsibility, asked these critics, while living in a society that enables violence against women and persecutes sexual minorities, and in which the concept of “manhood” is so twisted as to permit “honor killings” of women? The phenomenon of IS is the extension of such concepts, they claimed.

    aha! there you go! there are the real citizens!
    civics and identity. eh. a good quote here. (you have this page in german too for easy reading but i bet you know this already)
    we need more lime trees dom. a bigger diversity of trees anyway.
    what we dont need is more non kosher citizens. the kind that see the state that granted them citizenship as something temporary to which they dont belong while sucking it dry.
    or the kind that were born citizens and take it so much for granted that it becomes meaningless (a footnote that anyone barely reads).
    where are the proud trees?


    so your government finally decided to ban the black flag? yeah, thats showing them.
    although, its good that they finally got the point. the bit about it being unconstitutional/incompatible/treason. took them long enough.
    im not sure they were considering the limits of freedom of expression here. i think that it was more about if they should rock the boat or not.
    thats my impression.

    but i got seriously sidetracked here. lets back up a little...


    where did it all start? with me trolling e's leg. a little harmless fun, or so i thought. apparently i managed to poke my own eye out.

    e said something
    the context of which is: "the film violated section 142 of the norwegian constitution, which declares that religious and minority groups should not be subjected to insult."
    (btw, a few other interesting snippets on the same page)
    straight out of fahrenheit no? funny constitution...
    to which i trolled e's leg, as i usually like to do, focusing on the censorship/freedom part.(for example: "i hear its not really a place but just a concept." <-much like the state)
    e seemed to have understood my comments very well since he informed me that it was 40 years ago so its irrelevant. however they just have a few places that girls are afraid to set foot in for some reason or the other. but itll all be ok as soon as the girlies manage to hump them beardos. otherwize, its all peaceful.
    oh boy! norwegians with a sense of humor.
    then again, i live in an apartheid state so what do i know.
    why not use 135a on this guy - https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ByeoUhBCMAAFtQJ.jpg
    but wait, i digress again.
    like i said, norwegian humor i guess.
    at which point i tried to engage his own definition of peace as exposed on this board since i came to it.
    to no avail.
    seems like i am speaking a different language indeed.
    ah, the irony.
    history is of little importance if at all, our technological advancements are mostly useless, and peace is of utmost importance so we can all tend to our potatoes.
    and freedom? freedom is overrated of course. what we need is peace of mind, a few potatoes, and a little soma to boot. just enough dosage to make us all potatoE eating zombies.
    no wonder there are black flags across europe when people are actively ashamed of what they are and on top of that ignore their own history.

    enough spoon-feeding? oh sorry, thats ad hominem. enough clarifications? i sure hope so.

    >> So, to close the theme, i can't see, what army & angencies in .de do for peace & freedom

    well im sure they are doing something. or else the cia wouldnt "accidentally" eavesdrop on them...
    hehe, you reminded me of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sandbaggers


    there is no such thing as "peace & freedom" imvho. you obviously missed that part in my previous posts.
    imo, there is only freedom, the nature of which most people get wrong.
    freedom comes with responsibility (such as in clarisse case ;) and lets not forget how bradbury treats "peace" in his book)
    want my version of peace? ok... (but be sure not to miss the irony though, since im sure you missed it throughout this thread and mostly throughout this post)
    when i hear peace, i hear complacency, conformity. (FOLLOWERS: Yes, we are all different! - DENNIS: I'm not. - ARTHUR: Shhhh.)
    i hear a wall being built to stop bullets and assassins so e can move in with me. lots of concrete that, someone someday, will have to recycle. literally and metaphorically.
    then, when the wall is complete, i feel the E-amnesia arrive, my mind clouded, my vision blurred, my thinking impaired...
    i hear a monotonous chorus of angels that sing the same psalm ad infinitum ad nauseam like bad elevator music, and the elevators never gonna stop.
    my god!
    but then i hear a whisper... "Act as you must act. I myself am never without any action."
    myeah, "us southerners" are weird that way...

    like i said, be well. and take care. sadly, your place is turning out to be much more dangerous then mine.

come again

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