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ammonia smell in the shower (03/08/14 20:30:07) Reply
    here is one for e

    i noticed that when taking shower (with soap) after a hard work, i detect ammonia smell.
    some friends reported this too.

    i experimented a bit, and found that some combination of soap and shampoo (even without body sweat) produce ammonia smell

    i became curious and found this thread
    in which some people suggest some correlation between diet, protein and exercise sweat.

    i wonder which body wash chemical reactions can produce ammonia.


a little offti (05/08/14 09:34:03) Reply
    talk about "stupidities" :)

    (specially, chemical ones)

Re: ammonia smell in the shower (05/08/14 20:19:09) Reply
    simplest is... plain bread/dough ingredients produce ammonia (NH3) - baking soda + some acid, eg. vinegar or (real) yogurt.
    i guess, those also make it into soapoons.
    but probably lotsa other ways..

Re: ammonia smell in the shower (10/08/14 16:04:59) Reply
    One source could be urea-splitting bacteria. Urease. Sweat will contain some urea (normally to be excreted by the kidneys). Urea-splitting bacteria residing in textiles or on the skin will release ammonia. High-protein diets might give higher concentrations of urea in sweat, specially in very hot weather and during dehydration. But anyway - concentrated or not - when the water evaporates, the solutes will remain. Salt, urea and all the other ingredients.

    If you have ammonium salts and alkalize them with soap (sodium salts of fatty acids which are weak acids, hence soap is alkaline), some ammonia might escape. So bound ammonia might become released in the shower by the soap.

    Industrially, in the Solvay process, ammonia can be regenerated by treating ammonium chloride with calcium hydroxide.

    (late repl because of vacation)




Re: Re: ammonia smell in the shower (12/08/14 21:38:38) Reply
    i reproduced consistently shampoo+soap+hot water -> ammonia smell ( no sweat needed :-)

    wonderful places. would like to come there at least once in my life.


Re: Re: Re: ammonia smell in the shower (19/08/14 18:33:35) Reply
    If so I'd guess there is some ammonium salt in the shampoo, or some degradation of cationic detergents with liberation of ammonia when alkalized by the soap.

    When I've had a really hot day I have experienced that my polyester-cotton shirts smell of ammonia - with neither shampoo or soap added. Pure cotton shirts are better - but pure cotton shirts have to be ironed.

    It can never be right.

    Fjords look nice. But living there, from local agriculture only, must have been very hard. Fishing too, in those waters.

come again

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