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(no)recommendation :) (05/08/14 11:50:04) Reply
    a review of the book at

    (book been downlodble at
    http://benzieacademy.pbworks.com/w/file/fetch/49675093/The%20Shack%20Novel.pdf )

Re: (no)recommendation :) (05/08/14 16:52:16) Reply
    but even a 'go-between' of this kind may make us feel, how to say it.. "sick"..

    probably don't need any..

Re: (no)recommendation :) (10/08/14 17:33:42) Reply
    Well - the beginning was promising

    "his overly strict church-elder father was a closet drinker, especially when the rain didnít come, or came too early, and most of the times in between"

    So - thanks so far.

Re: (no)recommendation :) (10/08/14 19:44:16) Reply
    I have read it ( when it came out ). I am not sure to whom it was written for. For gentiles I don't think the message gets through. For christians... for some it maybe helpful ( not many ). I did not like the story itself. And I never leave my daughter unguarded.

    So if you are my kind and read everything ( like a book a day or such ), you can put this between the others. Otherwise forget it. There are better christian/"christian" books. I think the last one I liked was a bio about Gladys Aylward ( there is a hollywood version with a continuously crying Ingrid Bergman ).

come again

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