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seeing this very site as informational, educational if you like.. (02/09/14 14:00:50) Reply
    if you get into the situaton that you really need to express it, but would rather like to hide yourself away (unlike me ;) ,
    may be your friend.

    Pretty easy to dl/install/use, this vpn seems to be working even with https(links).
    To boot, your 'http headers', on the other side, *probably* show 'no proxy detected.'
    (then again, there's always javascript or something, so.. ;)


Re: seeing this very site as informational, educational if you like.. (03/09/14 00:45:26) Reply
    But it's important to be aware that even apps like this don't hide your 'private' ip address from notably your network provider (nor from any other sites/owners/admins this provider can possibly be "in cahoots" with, like, say, google)

    Yea, sometimes that remote site out there (like this) may and should be much less of a concern to you than your own provider, maybe :)

Re: Re: seeing this very site as informational, educational if you like.. (03/09/14 02:31:57) Reply
    Also (and I hope I'm just reruminating it here, and probably getting very boring too, sorry)
    one should keep in mind that there's always a possibility that such services could be a honeypot, so beware..
    (After all, as they say, which ever proxies you may use, free or not, think twice before doing anything stupid)


vpn and anonimity (03/09/14 23:42:39) Reply
    these kind of tools can only help (slightly) in masking your external IP (version4) address. this IP is typically bound to the internet contract of the isp you are using, via some kind of logging performed by the ISP. many large country-wide ISP give ADSL with dynamic external ip address, so , currrently, knowing the IP address is not anymore a very informative.
    This, by the way, explains why the different national privacy laws do not strictly require anymore that ISPs keep long term logs of associations between public IPs and customer contracts.

    Current user logging, identification and tracking, happens much more effectively via cookies, or stored login informations, kept within the browsers, or in specific app memory on mobile devices. Additionally web tracking "bugs" or "bugpixels" are widely used in every website.

    Let's say you use this vpn service. you surely leave traces in their login system logs. Then you open once your gmail, and google knows who you are. You open any of your apps, or facebook, and you are tracked. The only thing you surely get from the service is that they can get a log of all your "private surfing activities". Like in tor.

    So, better turn to good old proxomitron, with multiproxy in random sequence, for every single http get, and at least your traffic is scattered thru many paths. But even this is pointless against cookie tracking.

    Ah, so you should go frugal and disable javascript and cookies, but this leaves not much to current web browsing.

    And in mobile devices, you have plent of apps that track you, in many different ways, and the network itself tracks you because GSM has been very cleverly designed precisely for that purpose.

    smile at the camera!

    PS: IPv6 is more technically trackable, but still much less used than ipv4


Re: vpn and anonimity (04/09/14 12:36:22) Reply
    some better info: sites.google.com/a/chromium.org/dev/Home/chromium-security/client-identification-mechanisms

Re: Re: vpn and anonimity (04/09/14 14:47:47) Reply
    Thanks Marco.

    (hardly can they provide any better info than you do, btw :)

    That's why, sometimes, "we" ' d like to go for others' "open" networks
    (and for a "virtual machine" like, say, that windose disposable account :)

    Thank you again :)

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