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Too interesting times (05/09/14 15:23:56) Reply
    News are depressing these days. The only comfort - TV-wise - is a series about the Nile. The history. The search for the source(s); the early enforced agreements that gave privileges to Egypt because of the cotton; the recent developments in countries up the river.
    If the series comes to a place near you: do watch it.

    (finally my ISP gave in and sent me a new modem - and - tadaaa - I'm back.)

back :) (n/t) (05/09/14 19:23:51) Reply

Re: Too interesting (05/09/14 20:18:50) Reply
    hey, munchen next week anyone? i'll be there coupla days for work

Re: Too interesting times (14/09/14 19:38:05) Reply
    we had a few days ago in a town nearby some religious, wearing a jacket labeled "sharia police" running around and threatening passers-by about coming in contact with sex, alcohol & gambling.

come again

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