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Independence (15/09/14 17:43:05) Reply
    Scotland is going to have a vote about it, and the liars on both sides shout as loudly as they can. Emotions and trivial economic FUD. Reminds me about the campaigns of 1972 and 1994 about .no EU membership. It was all wrong, from both sides. So if there is a YES for independence, I'm sure there will be some eastward travelling across the North Sea. Old Viking lands. It's only 40 minutes to fly between Stavanger and Aberdeen. .no never (AFAIK) regretted leaving the "unions" with Sweden and Denmark (and those experiences is what gave "union" some sort of a swear word in Norwegian.

    And then there are the tragedies. Yesterday there was a portrait interview with the head of the UN mission to South Sudan - a Norwegian retired politician. It seems she was highly active in bringing about the dissolution of Sudan (and there were horrors preceding the split). But the situation after the split was just as bad, with displaced populations and famine and a new civil war.

    It's a tragic example of multi-dimensional and multi-level immaturity, and huge numbers of innocent victims.

    And the UN commissar was boasting on the radio about her leadership qualities.

    Politicians? I'll try to stay at a safe distance.

Re: Independence (15/09/14 20:22:57) Reply
    IMO this is the new business.
    be it East Timor or Lugansk or Scotland. All the same.
    Each new state = new way to suck+tap+control the i/o of that population-or-land.
    so - Let's have more of these...

    btw how's betting organised? what's the ratios?

The new bet (19/09/14 15:13:02) Reply
    When will the next Scottish referendum come? 5 years, 10 years, 15 years?

    (at my age I don't think I'll make bets with a longer horizon than that).

Re: The new bet (20/09/14 12:57:25) Reply
    But we don't need last that long..

    Always, we just ask for
    one more, Small, day ;)

    Keep up.

Maybe better said (20/09/14 13:29:44) Reply
    We don't need to last that short, years or decade wise,

    We always need it
    just one more day :)

Re: Maybe better said (22/09/14 18:14:38) Reply
    Very interesting topic....

    Land is a very valuable commodity, it appreciates with time, if you have land you are sure that your future generations will have a solid foundation, it gives a sense of identity which in this case national pride. Money on the other hand = cooperation = trust = Honesty, been very theoretical thou as bandits are a permanent part of every society, but as a goal to be attained it sounds reasonable enough to go for some sort of independence and wealth creation goal, well at least from were i an standing

Re: Re: Maybe better said (07/10/14 05:40:18) Reply
    well at least from were i an standing

    A piece of ... land?

Re: Re: Re: Maybe better said (09/10/14 18:52:43) Reply

come again

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