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? (06/10/14 19:10:36) Reply
    I have a heavy heart today I don't know why my self, maybe its the endless dissapoint's or even better my endless failures finally taking a toll on me, or maybe i am to kind and expecting to much from the world. I honestly don't know?????

Nor do we (n/t) (07/10/14 05:21:19) Reply

Re: ? (07/10/14 19:07:57) Reply
    It sometimes seems to me that many a one of our conclusions are wrong,
    in the sense that they are not complete.

    Take, for example, the human voice :)
    Who, of us, could recreate it...
    Who, in the right mind, would accept that, it, or something, of that kind, same miraculous if you like, is the last word...

    if you get me... :)

    It also seems to me that one should always be somewhat, even in greater deal, irrational.
    (contrary to what I seem to may've been proclaiming myself here, sorry :)
    At last, why accept for granted that our two and two together must always give just the four :)
    Specially, if there's some foundation to permeate the hope...

    So, let's expect it,
    let's expect expectations

    Anyway, generally speaking, I don't think that I for one could live without them :)

Re: Re: ? (07/10/14 19:58:41) Reply
    "Irrational", but only about your own expectations, desires...

    Not to others.
    Never to other people or beings, of course...


Re: Re: Re: ? (09/10/14 18:48:03) Reply
    one is no one with out principles, i wanna still recognize myself when the storm settles...

Re: Re: Re: Re: ? (10/10/14 04:21:00) Reply
    We didn't doubt that either,




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