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In case... (16/10/14 14:55:48) Reply
    I *really* failed to recognize then how Kosher you have always been!

    Because I was not myself!

    Even today, your sister Yael is simply not given to fully recognize it, how Kosher you are...

    She is simply not worthy of it!

    That is what I really feel!
Sister Yael

Re: In case... (16/10/14 19:54:40) Reply
    Everything is permitted on this board as long as it keeps within the rather wide borders of the welcome note on top. Praise we are not used to, and I don't think we can cope with it, even though it is within the welcome note.

    But welcome back.

just smash the biach (16/10/14 20:12:55) Reply
    she's fucking insane.

Re: In case... (16/10/14 22:57:33) Reply
    ja, i miss a lot here, a lot of fighting 6 hate with all it's background.
    i don't know little ill & sister yael, nor brother j*
    we should join gs'meeting.

Re: In case... (17/01/15 21:38:24) Reply
    in case
    i never told you
    how much i loved you

    how much this world
    could have been
    great big bean bag scene

    tell me sister
    where have all the good times


    eh eh

    won't you tell me
    where have all the good times gone?

    sister yael.

    from brother bran.

still.. there..somewhere.. :)) (18/01/15 13:50:40) Reply
    it has passed


    one way
    to another


Re: Re: In case... (18/01/15 15:12:08) Reply
    And, if she may, she believes that she'd, even then, referred to - us.
    (not to any of the individuals specifically)


    But are you sure about that great big bean bag scene?

    Without her?

    Its gone. Anyway.

    Or, is it really? ;-)

coming back even stronger (n/t) (18/01/15 15:21:42) Reply
Jason 13th

Re: Re: In case... (18/01/15 16:19:46) Reply
    some people are just burning
    from the inside...
    (lucky ones :-|

    others are cutting themselves instead
    (much like say.. 'parti-sans",
    very honest people, i'd say and i believe it)

    but why so?
    the fuck?

    maybe because they want to fucking change something
    a little
    often themselves
    to even better

    they want to change it so it get even better than it is...

    its theirs choice, anyway.

    good bye
ok, no any bullshit here

come again

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