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Re: Police and policing (20/05/17 21:17:32)
    it should be become "fashionable" and "meritable" not to be evil. Esp. amongst the slavonic (read east europe + whooooole russia)

    one might live somewhat with stealing, as long as it's about helping and stealing off that.. maybe seen as further tax. But when it is hindering and stealing off that.. it's .. disgusting. tax on taxing. a pointless exercise in going nowhere - but as very expensive journey.

    Most institutions and industries recently are in total loss-of-meaning, and are franticaly working towards making themselves looking meaningfull (or each-other, in a very chain-gang way) and keeping themselves alive - irrelevant and regardless of their original purpose. "health" industry is not anymore about healing anyone, nor the education is about educating anyone, - all is about generating their own income / keeping status-quo. (dont say I.T.... IT might be the leader in all this :/ ) And "State" is just one such institution that might seem outdated.

    EU? pfff. Another state, on top. Rules for when rules rule and when not.. Only the stakes are higher.

    interesting times... yeah.

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